Samsung Smartphone: Uncover Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite

We look at the brand’s new affordable flagships and other smartphone trends emerging from the tech event.
Samsung smartphones

Smartphone announcements at CES may are scarce. But new launches from tech titans Samsung, OnePlus and new player TCL have quite deserved the spotlight.

CES 2020 isn’t just an opportunity for brand spanking new Samsung smartphone launches. But also a chance to urge a glimpse into the new tech which will be hitting the market this year.

There are a couple of key launches. That spells the subsequent phase of smartphone innovation, from more foldable phones to smartphones with invisible cameras. We’ve taken a glance at the most important trends that have emerged from this year’s CES event. And unpacked key announcements from the large brands.

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Three smartphone trends for 2020

CES has drummed up tons of interest for what we will expect within the smartphone market this year. Here are three of the most important trends of Samsung Smartphone that we expect to grow in 2020:

5G Technology

A decade after 4G was originally launched. 5G arrived in 2019 with the promise of speeds that far outweigh the capabilities of 4G at its best. This year at CES, we’ve seen the launch of the ‘10 5G’ smartphone from growing electronics brand TCL. This rumored to cost only $500 (£381). Nearly a 3rd of the worth of the most important 5G smartphone rivals the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Huawei Mate 20 X 5G.

This might signal cheaper 5G smartphones but also that more brands are going to be adopting the technology this year.

Foldable phones

Foldable phones

The foldable phone market is one that has been gaining momentum, particularly within the last year. As big brands like Samsung and Huawei unveiled their answers to the trend of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. With a rumored Galaxy Fold 2 within the works, and Huawei Mate X.

Motorola recently re-introducing it’s legacy ‘Razr’ phone in foldable form, we will expect more foldable phones will appear in 2020.

More advanced camera setups

If there’s one thing you’ll calculate when a smartphone launches. It’s that the camera specs are going to be one of the most talking points. In 2019, we saw two big advances in private technology. More camera lenses on each phone and more megapixels in every lens.

It almost becomes commonplace to ascertain a smartphone with three or four rear camera lenses. The maximum amount as 48 megapixels during a lens. We don’t anticipate any lull on this in 2020.

TCL’s introduction to the market at CES with three Samsung smartphones. All of which have a quad rear camera and two touting a 64Mp main lens, sums this up all right.

The most important Samsung Smartphone launches at CES 2020

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (£TBC)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Because of the cheaper option within the S10 series if you couldn’t satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy S10e. Then the expectantly cheaper S10 Lite will surely tickle your fancy. It amalgamates a number of the specs on all three Samsung smartphones. The S10e, S10, S10+, and S10 5G – and bundles them up into a cheaper package.

Have a huge 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display. Which is that the same size because the highest spec S10 (the S10 5G) and provides you up to 1TB of expandable storage, even as most of the opposite S10s do. Its triple rear camera – 48Mp wide-angle, 12Mp ultra-wide-angle, and 5Mp macro lenses. It looks to be a powerful array. While its 32Mp front optical lens blows the S10’s 10Mp one out of the water.

On the processor front, Expected that the S10 Lite will feature an equivalent Snapdragon 855 chipset. Like all the opposite models within the range, meant for gaming. The sole thing left to ascertain is whether or not Samsung can pull all of this off for fewer than the £669 entry price of the S10e.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite (£TBC)

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

It wouldn’t be fair for Samsung Smartphone to update the S10 series with a replacement model without gracing the Note10 series in its line-up.

Like the Note10 series generally, the Note10 Lite draws tons of similarities to the S10s. These new models have an identically sized display, storage and selfie camera specification to the S10 Lite. Elsewhere, it boasts a triple 12Mp rear camera with an ultra-wide angle, wide-angle and zoom lens. Which is extremely on the brink of what you’d get with the Note10, bar the 16Mp ultra-wide angle lens.

The most important opportunity with the Note10 Lite is that for a less extortionate price. Those that have an interest in having a stylus are going to be more inclined to shop for a Note smartphone. Prices are yet to be revealed but we glance forward to seeing a cheaper Note device.

OnePlus Concept One

After teasing the launch of a replacement model at CES OnePlus unveiled the Concept One – a replacement smartphone with one very specific trick: invisible rear cameras.

It made with electrochromic glass (otherwise referred to as ‘smart glass’). That’s ready to control the quantity of sunshine that passes through it employing a filter. With this technology, the phone is in a position to travel from opaque. As if there are not any cameras there in the least, to transparent in 0.7 seconds. Borne out of its work with McLaren. The glass technology utilized the Concept One has also been used on a number of motor racing brand’s sports cars. Apart from this feature, most of its other specs are just like the OnePlus 7T Pro.

TCL unveils ‘10 Series’ smartphones plus a foldable

TCL a Chinese company, best known for TVs and audio equipment. But at CES this year, the brand has ventured into the planet of smartphones. Launching its first self-titled series: the TCL 10s.

The series formed from three models, the TCL 10 Pro, 10L and 10 5G. And every one of them has interesting specs including a quad rear camera array. Although their prices are yet to be announced. It’s expected that the ten 5G might be one among the primary 5G smartphones under $500 (£381).

More interestingly, the brand has pipped a variety of the prevailing big smartphone players to the post by revealing its foldable phone. It’s still within the prototype stage but we will expect to ascertain a full model within the next few months.

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