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Five Warehouse Management Tips You Need to Know

Five Warehouse Management Tips You Need to Know

Is your warehouse management up to scratch?

If you have a warehouse as part of your business, you must have efficient processes in place. Not only is it vital for maximizing output, but also in keeping employees safe. If you’re new to warehouse management though, it can be daunting to even know where to start.

Don’t worry, we can help! Keep reading for these 5 warehouse management tips you need to know.

Have a Labeling System

An easy way to improve warehouse organization is the meticulous use of labels. Proper labels help employees find items they need or replenish stock faster.

It’s also a huge boon to inventory management. Doing the warehouse inventory will be faster, and there won’t be any mystery items to factor in.

To get the most out of your labeling system, include tag checks with the inventory counts. This helps you remove and replace any incorrect labels, or spot any that you missed.

Optimize the Floor Plan

Make the most of all the square footage you have, and optimize this space. Consider how product orders will flow in your warehouse and if you have the ceiling space, go vertical.

Not only will an optimized layout improve efficiency, but it’ll also boost warehouse safety. Employees won’t have to weave through tight spaces or risk knocking the stock down on top of them.

Make sure there is adequate lighting too. You don’t want dark areas posing a risk to staff. Consider LED high bay lighting to provide enough illumination for safe navigation.

It’s an idea to call in an interior designer with expertise in warehouse layout. They’ll help spot the areas that aren’t working, and come up with the most efficient layout for your space.

Manage Floor Traffic

Warehouse optimization doesn’t stop at the layout. You can still see interruptions to traffic if you’re sure how it will flow through your warehouse.

Try to only have people who need to be on the floor on it. Avoid sending people into the warehouse who don’t need to be there to keep traffic flowing as it should.

Get a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

One of the best warehouse management tips is to get a WMS. It can help you iron out and manage internal logistics for the long haul and automate some processes.

A WMS can help set out your floor plan and keep tabs on your inventory stock. It can also help smooth out inter-company communication channels.

While it takes a little time to install a WMS and integrate it, it’s worth it. The benefits will immediately outweigh any short-term inconvenience.

Go Digital As Much As You Can

Paper stock counts will work of course, but you’ll need to duplicate them and find storage. Most of the time, you’ll end up scanning them onto a computer file storage system anyway.

Go paperless and switch to digital to skip out on the tedious step of scanning. You’ll save on the physical space you need for storage, and it’ll make analyzing the data easier.

You won’t need a large amount of paperwork digitalized as it will be already. This reduces the amount of data entry and scanning, freeing up staff for more productive tasks.

Warehouse Management Tips You Won’t Want to Miss

So, there you have it! Now you know these top warehouse management tips you’re on the way to an efficient system.

To streamline your processes, consider going digital as much as possible with the help of a great WMS. You also want to consider the warehouse layout and how it flows for stock and workers. Once you get that right, you’ll see the efficiency results start rolling in.

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