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How to Get the Good Look for all Men’s?

Get the good look for men's

It isn’t hard to get a good look with off clothes, but some diligence will indeed be needed. For men who can manage it, boutique tailoring is a fantastic option. Whereas men with more modest incomes may want to keep a good tailor for minor changes on the mobile phone.

It is also fairly easy to take your body measurements at home. And will give you a clear idea of what you’ve been searching for before you really step into a shop, far less talk to a tailor.

Avoid the Fat Guy Pants:

Do you ever note how Hollywood seems to have a specific pair of trousers that they wear to look just like “fat man”? Typically they are light-colored, double-pleated, and zipped up too tightly to prevent it from getting down and sliding off the huge man’s thighs. All these are purposely terrible decisions!

For big guys who think what they are looking for. There are plenty of good-looking dress pants around nowadays. Wearing them high, across the natural waist, just above the hip, is by far the most stylish thing a bigger guy can get with his pants.

This helps the material to flap over the abdomen and fall down on a sleek front. The key is to find the right store that deals in big and tall clothes.

Get The Right Shirt:

If you’re thinking about business dress shirts, polo shirts, or much more casual male’s shirts, as a tall & slim or tall & wide man, the principle will be the same. Purchase shirts that are long enough just to fold around all the way and tailored enough. That there is not a huge bulge of fabric around the waist.

A bit of unevenness is sometimes nice. But too much just contributes to the illusion of mass and width. Dark colors would have more of a ‘toning’ effect than light ones. However, the way to go is a solid color.

If the patterns bend too far with the shape under them. It may look uncomfortable. So, try to restrict them to stuff like bow ties. Which do not have to cover a large, curving area.

Suits, Jackets, & Coats:

If you can this is always an attractive choice for a bigger guy to wear a coat of some sort. The traditional suit jacket is intended to always have a leveling effect, turning the figure of every person into a sort of squared-off hourglass, wide in the shoulders and subtly trimmed at the hips before fanning back in the back.

Clearly, there are many variants on that theme, however, the point is that you are always flattered by the shape and you must wear it. A tall, wide-built guy looks good in a single-breasted suit that creates a broad “V” shape on the chest and then buttons down.

The coat must be loose enough not to stress the button. But long enough just to drape over the curves of the butt from the back.

Final Thoughts:

There are plenty of styles that look nice on big guys. It can be difficult to find some on the shelf, but there’s ample space for self-expression.

Only bear in mind that strong horizontal structure and everything that is tailored so tightly or loosely billows. These are items that are absolutely forbidden for well-dressed “big and tall” men.