Why Website SEO Ranking Is So Important

Why Website SEO Ranking Is So Important

Why Website SEO Ranking Is So Important

Search engine optimization (SEO) reaches new heights year on year. And it keeps on busting its own records as more businesses than ever recognize the need for it.

But why has website SEO ranking shot to the internet’s hall of fame? And more importantly, how does it help online businesses succeed?

It’s not brain surgery. Read on to learn why ranking and SEO are so vital in the modern world.

Page One Is Everything

It’s no secret that being on page two of a Google search is being in an internet backwater. Everything past page two is non-existent. Getting onto the first page of a search is the gold standard for SEO.

Page one is credibility. Page one is accessibility. Ultimately, page one is traffic, high click-through rates (CTR), and constant growth.

But here’s the thing.

Ranking on page one isn’t black magic. The ranking isn’t a matter of being the biggest fish in the pond. And, ranking isn’t a matter of how much cash you pump into your website.

It’s all a matter of solid SEO (which is where a good SEO rank checker will come in handy.

But remember, that doesn’t mean picking trending keywords from a hat and calling it a day. SEO is the foundation. User experience and good content turn your CTR into returning visitors, lower bounce rates, and loyal customers.

Solid User Experience Means Good Ranking

Good user experiences have steadily increased in importance over the years. Now they’re indispensable to your SEO page rank.

This means fast loading times. This means clean and responsive layouts, and this means optimizing for mobile devices. Everybody reads on their phones.

As the technology improves, what’s understood by user experience broadens. Search intent, content quality, and linking strategy are now a vital part of the game.

So, here’s an insider tip for you SEO aficionados: Never put your external links on your keywords. That tells Google you’re not an authority on the subject.

SEO Is the Key to Organic Growth

Businesses want to grow. It’s the paradigm of our modern economy. Growth drives everything and SEO is how you do it.

It creates consistent, long-term growth. What’s more, the growth seen through the SEO method is organic. It doesn’t come from paid ads and placements. Ads work, sure, but they work for as long as you pay for them. SEO keeps working even when your ad budget runs out.

SEO Is a Positive Feedback Loop

The more you do, the better the results. That’s a positive feedback loop in a nutshell.

It’s hard, particularly for newcomers, to get cracking with SEO. It’s hard to know what the SEO ranking factors are, it’s hard to keep it up, and it’s hard to wait around for results.

But the long-term outcome of a well-planned strategy is always the same.

SEO Is Cheap

On the face of it, getting SEO right seems like a massive out-of-pocket expense. There are a lot of metrics to get right and you need a lot of quality content to see it through.

However, when you break it down, SEO is remarkably cheap. That’s because it holds water for years to come. Unlike traditional marketing, it keeps on giving, and unlike traditional marketing, it’s not a marketing overhead. It’s an investment.

Ranking Is Measurable

Quantifiable data is useful data. Sure, it’s not as easy to track SEO as paid search results. With sponsored ads, the precise cost per click of an ad is updated constantly.

Even so, ranking isn’t oblique. You can see page and blog views from the get-go. And data gathered over a long term speaks volumes.

What’s more, with the helping hand of great SEO rank tracking software, figuring out how well you’re doing in the SERPs isn’t rocket science. And the best SEO rank tracker makes it a breeze.

Website SEO Ranking Is Always Improving

Google is both the bane of the SEO world and its champion. Over time, its algorithms have improved endlessly. As a massive corporation with a singular mission, Google wants to be the backbone of the virtual world.

What Google says, goes. And while it has become a tool we couldn’t imagine living without, it has shaped SEO to its own desires.

Every major update shakes the content landscape. Every minor tweak can be felt across the globe. This means that up-to-date SEO strategies are not only beneficial; they’re imperative. Otherwise, businesses risk slipping into obsolescence.

SEO Is the Whole Picture

SEO shouldn’t be a mere afterthought. It’s not something that’s tacked on after the fact.

It’s your PR, company culture, brand awareness, industry expertise, history, and customer relations. And it’s all rolled into one big package.

That’s because all of these elements have a voice in your SEO strategy. Your SEO is everybody’s mantra when they come into work in the morning. The words “content is king” are pretty worn out by now, but they ring true.

SEO Isn’t Going Anywhere

Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay and there’s nothing anybody can do to change it. SEO makes or breaks an online business. It’s as simple as that.

The world is online and consumers everywhere use internet searches to make informed decisions. Although the role of SEO is always in a state of flux, its central tenet is always the same. It’s as simple as could be.

Get found, get noticed, and Get noticed, get traffic.

Get traffic: get business.

Ranking Means Success

Nobody said website SEO ranking is easy. But SEO is the key to a long, uphill battle that’s more than worth it in the end.

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