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5 Common Signs of Water Damage Every Homeowner Needs to Know

5 Common Signs of Water Damage Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Water damage can happen for weeks before you notice the signs, which makes it important to take care of it as soon as possible. There are many signs of water damage that you can look for if you suspect water leakage.

The water can come from the roof during a rainstorm, a leaky pipe, or anywhere you use water. Water damage not only impacts the structural integrity of your home but also the health of your family.

Water damage can quickly lead to mold and that can cause breathing problems and at times be fatal. Keep an eye out for these five water damage signs.

1. Signs of Water Damage Include Dark Spots on Ceilings

When water pools in a certain area, it begins soaking into the materials of that area. If you have a leaky roof, then it could wind its way around until settling above a ceiling tile. You’ll first notice a discoloration of the area, but if it continues then it can begin to sag and drip.

Eventually, the weight of the water becomes too much, and the ceiling tile will fall. It’s possible several tiles can fall if the leak is bad enough.

2. Watch Out for Flaking Drywall

Pipes run throughout your walls connecting the various faucets and drains through your house. A leak can happen anywhere, but especially in joints. Much like the ceiling, the water soaks into the drywall.

Eventually, you’ll notice the drywall flake and crack because of the water absorption. This flaking grows as more water soaks into it, so have a professional restoration team come take care of everything the water impacted.

3. Puddles or Wet Spots Around Pipes

When water leaks it must go somewhere. If it’s not soaking into a material, then it’s creating a puddle near where the leak is. If you notice wet spots near the toilet, baths, water heater, or basement area, then there’s a leak somewhere nearby.

House water damage happens over time, but the areas of the wet spots and puddles are the first affected. Many times, basement water damage can go unnoticed because few people go down there, it’s poorly lit or the sump pump drains the excess water.

4. Look for Mold Growth

When you add a wet area and cool darkness, the inevitable result is mold. Mold can be dangerous in many ways. It damages the materials it’s on and gives off a musty smell. If you breathe in the spores, then it can lead to breathing problems, especially for people with existing issues such as asthma or COPD.

Some types of mold can lead to more serious health problems and be fatal. If you see mold in your home or basement, you must take care of it quickly.

5. Your Water Bills Jumps in Price

Many people take little notice of their pipes, but they do notice the bills. If you see your water bill increase dramatically or over time, then it could mean there’s a leak somewhere.

The city counts the amount of water you use, but if there is a leak, the water still gets counted by the city. Your bill increases based on how much water the leak uses and that can impact how much damage is done.

Take Care of Water Problem Fast

There are many signs of water damage and the key to determining how bad it will be is how fast you see the signs. If you find a leak and there is water damage, then call a restoration service to take care of the damage.

If you want to learn more about water damage and what you can do about it, then explore our site.