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A Guide to Coffee Types 101: How to Find Your Favorite Blend

A Guide to Coffee Types 101

Do you know all the different coffee types you could be drinking? Find out how to find your personal favorite blend in our brief guide today.

Do you love coffee but only tend to stick to one kind?

If so, you’re missing out on so many different flavors and combinations. Because coffee comes from different beans and can be roasted and prepared differently, it can have different flavors.

Are you ready to expand your coffee palate? Below, we’ve compiled some advice as to how to find your favorite coffee types!

Keep on reading to improve your coffee drinking experience!

Try Coffee Types from Different Parts of the World

Are you aware of where your coffee comes from?

Many people are not. They just select a brand off the shelf or order from a coffee shop. This is fine if you only want to stick to a few flavors.

But coffee beans, including specialty coffee, are grown in a few key places around the world, and they each have their own different flavor.

Ethiopian coffee, for example, tastes more fruity than other types. It may also have a slight dark chocolate taste.

If you’re drinking Colombian coffee, get ready for a delicious cherry and cocoa flavor.

Want citrus with your morning brew? Try beans from Kenya.

In general, it’s best to go with coffee that comes from one part of the world. If you look on a coffee bag and it says the beans come from more than one location, it’s not the best type of coffee.

That’s because some blends combine fantastic beans with subpar ones.

To get the best out of your coffee drinking experience, be both picky and experimental. Try different beans from around the world, but don’t settle for just any old mix.

Avoid Dark Roast

A word of advice to all of the dark roast drinkers: it’s okay to love what you love, but if you’re wanting flavorful coffee, try another roast type.

Darker roasts are usually made of lower-quality beans. Then, the beans are over-roasted to make up for their lack of taste.

Many people end up adding milk and sugars to drown out the roasted taste. Avoiding dark roast altogether can keep the flavors in your coffee.

Some coffee drinkers also think dark roast has more caffeine, but that is not true. In fact, you need about 90 more dark roast beans than light or medium roast ones to make a single pound of coffee.

Arabica vs. Robusta

Most coffee beans can be categorized as either Arabica or Robusta.

Arabica beans comprise 60% of coffee. When using these beans, it is best to use a manual pour-over or hot brewing technique.

Robusta beans, on the other hand, taste better when milk or sugar is added.

Get the Most Out of Life’s Flavors

Now that you’ve found your ideal blend among the coffee types, it’s time to take the rest of your eating and drinking to the next level

Often, people get caught up in their work or school routines and don’t have time to experiment with different flavors. You’re in luck because we’ve done that for you!

In the rest of our food and drink articles, you’ll find advice on how to make sure you are experiencing the best flavors out there.

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