All of the Lighting You Need To Celebrate Christmas in Style

All of the Lighting You Need To Celebrate Christmas in Style

When Christianity spread throughout Europe, many holidays were altered and became Christian holidays. reports that Christians adopted December 25 in the 4th century from an ancient Roman celebration and made it the date to celebrate Christ’s birth.

Christmas has since become one of the most important holidays in the Western world. In the United States, 93 percent of the population celebrates Christmas. While many celebrate a secularized version focused on Santa and presents, instead of attending Church services, Christmas remains an important annual event for most people, and decorating with unique lights has been a tradition since the late 1800s. Let’s look at all the Christmas lighting essentials you need to celebrate the season in style.

Outdoor Christmas lights can transform your home

In 2017, the NY Post reported that 60 percent of Americans put up outdoor Christmas lights. Retailers sell special light strings safe for outdoor use. Many people hang these Christmas lights along their home’s roofline. Since outdoor Christmas lights gained popularity, the volume of lights used has expanded. Some people opt to wrap pillars supporting their porch with lights. Others string lights up lampposts and other outdoor features, such as sleighs or wells.

Once you’ve confirmed the number of outlets you have for your lighting, you’re ready to locate outdoor lights. Google “Christmas lights outdoor” to shop online for great Christmas lights. You’ll find plenty of LED lights to choose from, enabling you to save money on your energy bill without cutting back on festive decorative touches to your home. You can choose from various light strands and hang icicle lights, mini lights, or conical lights. Don’t have outlets? You can opt for battery-powered outdoor lights to decorate your home’s exterior.

Window lights are a nice decorative touch

Some people opt to outline their windows with Christmas lights. Others hang lit ornaments in the windows. For a classic look, consider hanging a wreath with an electric or battery-powered candle in the center. Adding candles and wreaths to every window in your home is a great way to add a classic touch to your holiday lighting. You can also opt to place candles in your windows.

Religious families will want Advent candles

Advent’s a Christian tradition celebrated in the weeks before Christmas. Lighting candles in the weeks before Christmas is a reminder that Christ’s birth is approaching. You can add to your interior decor by placing an Advent wreath on a sideboard or display table in your living or dining room. Celebrating Advent involves purchasing candles of Advent for your wreath. Christian retailers are an excellent source for purchasing Advent calendars, offering wax candles and liquid and tube candles. You can also pick up plastic drip shield protectors to keep wax from dripping on your wreath.

Four candles should be mounted on the wreath. The pink candle’s lit every night starting four weeks before Christmas. This candle is a symbol of hope. The remaining candles are purple and symbolize love, joy, and peace. Starting the second week, you light the pink candle and the first purple candle each night. You add a purple candle to the ritual each week until Christmas.

Lighting up a Christmas tree is a popular tradition

Lighting up a Christmas tree is a tradition that stretches back to the 17th century when Christians in Germany began putting candles on trees and lighting them. The first time someone lit electric Christmas tree lights was in 1882. Today, 89 percent of Americans light up a Christmas tree for the holiday season.

Some people opt to use string lights with varying colors, including red, blue, green, and gold. Others opt to hang light strings featuring one color. No matter what your decor preferences are, you’ll find plenty of lighting options. Opting for LED lights is a good idea because they’re cooler than older lights and less likely to catch fire.

Lighting an outdoor Christmas tree’s another popular option. Net lights make it easy to wrap bushes or trees with Christmas lights without winding strings around and around.

Lights are an essential part of Christmas decor. Your essential seasonal lighting includes outdoor lights, window lights, Advent candles, and Christmas tree lights.