Balling on a Budget: How to Live Life Without Breaking the Bank

If you find yourself having to choose between a night out or a car full of gas, your spending is out of line. Here’s how to start balling on a budget.

To many of us with limited budgets, balling on a budget is appealing. Yet how are you supposed to be a baller with a tight budget? Well, it’s very possible.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how to budget money so you can still live the high life without a high price tag.

Are you ready to find out more and start living like you want to? Then read on and learn more!

Use Coupons at Every Opportunity

We live in a consumerist society and we love to buy new products for ourselves when it’s payday. There’s a reason that there are 56 million Amazon Prime members in the US!

Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you don’t get to buy yourself new things. On the contrary, you can still grab yourself treats on paydays but you need to be a canny buyer.

We’d recommend checking out Honey, a browser extension that applies coupon codes to your orders automatically. If you’d prefer to do it manually, there are many sites out there that track coupon available for different sites.

Ensure that you’re always getting the very best deal that you can when balling on a budget!

Find a Side Gig

If you want to make sure you can still afford those little extra purchases, you may want to find a side gig. We’d recommend looking for work online that you can do from anywhere and at any time.

If you’ve got a knack for writing, you could try to find content writing jobs online, you could start selling art online, or even do small jobs via Mechanical Turk or Taskrabbit!

These jobs may not make you a ton of cash but they should give you some extra spending money.

Consolidate Your Debt

If you’re in debt, life can feel very difficult. If you’ve got many debts, all going out at different times of the month, keeping track and staying on top of payments can seem impossible.

Debt consolidation can help you out here. These services roll all your debts into one easily-manageable package that you can make payments towards at the same time every month. For more information, we’d recommend that you read how debt works.

Make a Separate Account for Your Balling on a Budget Needs

It’s important that balling on a budget doesn’t become your main expense: otherwise, that’s not much of a budget! We’d recommend that you create a separate account where you can keep all your spending money.

Keep your money for rent, bills, debt payments, credit payments, and food, etc in your main account. What’s leftover should go to your separate account and can be spent at your leisure, knowing that the important stuff has been taken care of!

We Hope This Guide Helps You

Balling on a budget is easy when your know-how! We hope that this article has helped you out and you feel more confident in managing your finances!

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