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GTA VI: Latest Updates Regarding Rockstar Game’s Masterpiece

GTA VI, fans get excited, annoyed, and impatient at the same time when the name of Rockstar’s title came up. GTA VI is doing nothing, just playing with the emotions of fans, and it could be disheartening for them as it is evident that there is no official confirmation by the Rockstar Games.

GTA VI Next-Gen Connection

So what’ exactly going on with Rockstar’s title as PS5 reveal was the last ray of hope of a possible reveal. But unfortunately, there was nothing like which excite the fans besides an extended version of GTA V, which will be available for free. So it’s pretty apparent that Rockstar Games is not bringing GTA VI until 2022 or later. It’s much more than an indication that fans have to wait longer for GTA VI.

Possible Reasons Of Delay

However, there is no fixed reason why the Rockstar’s title keeps on delaying, first it was speculated a possible 2020 release. Then Next-gen Consoles release weighs upon its release, and no, there is nothing much on the game. There are a few reasons which could justify the possible reasons for the delay.

V.R. Enabled

It is rumored that Rockstar Games studio has to work on the V.R. version as well. To enhance the experience of GTA VI, the game got the confirmation for a V.R. release too. So this will simply take more time than usual, and GTA in V.R. will be a heaven for its fans. But the rumors debunked when it finally reported that L.A. Noire is projected for a V.R. release. The game is titled as L.A. Noire: The CVR Case Files.


Rockstar Game’s schedule is pretty hectic after they brought Red Dead Redemption to P.C. So that might halt the focus for GTA VI, or the game is in a league of its own. So it is possible that the game is actually taking a large amount of time rather than usual.

Budget Problems

This might be odd, but Rockstar Games were having budget problems before the allocation of 75 Million Dollars. So it’s hard to focus on a project when there are no necessary funds to pull out the dream project.

Expected Release Date

Now we are just striking arrows in the dark when we are predicting the release date of the game. Every prediction and guess drowned in the drain as the game keeps on delaying. But if we calculate the exact release date of the Rockstar’s title, then it could arrive late 2022.