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How to Calculate LCM With Best 3 Innovative Ways

Learn LCM with 3 best ways

Any value which is evenly divisible by the given numbers is called the least common multiple (LCM). LCM is also called the least common divisor (LCD). The LCM of the given numbers is the smallest number that can appear as a multiple. This multiple can be divided by those given numbers. The least common multiple (LCM) has to be a multiple of all the given numbers. There are two ways to calculate LCM, as given below.

Prime Factorization:

In this method, the numbers are expressed as a product of their prime factors. Then the common prime factors are listed down, ensuring that they are written only once. We then multiply all these to get the LCM. E.g., LCM (6, 8). 6 can be written as 2 * 3, and 8 is given by 2 * 2 * 2. As 2 is common, we only list it once. Thus, LCM (6, 8) = 2 * 2 * 2 * 3 = 24


In this method, we write down the multiples of all the given numbers, and then the first common multiple with the lowest values gives the LCM.

It can be a hard and confusing process to find the LCM of two numbers. In addition to this, as kids progress, they have to solve complex problems based on this concept. Thus, it is imperative for them to have a clear understanding of the topic at a young age. In this article, we will see a few tips that can be used while learning and calculate LCM.

1. Increasing the Level of Engagement:

The first step that you need to take before starting any topic is ensuring that you are interested in it. Mathematics can be a complicated subject, and the traditional school curriculum does not help with clearing concepts. Hence, many kids end up fearing the subject and the topics that fall under it. So you need to move out of the scope of your textbook and read up on the history of how the concept of LCM came into being. You can also read about the real-life applications and which industries make use of LCM. This will not only help to improve your motivation level but will also greatly improve your general knowledge.

2. Play Fun Games:

Kids of all ages love to play games. LCM has a lot of properties associated with it that are used to solve problem sums. In addition to this, they also require kids to quickly break down numbers in prime factors or multiples. Thus, by playing games, they can increase their speed and accuracy when they perform calculations. As they can include their friends in playing such games, it helps them associate LCM with a fun experience enabling them to assimilate and recall concepts faster.

3. External Help:

Kids can also turn to coaching classes that provide them with a well-structured curriculum. Cuemath is one such institution that gives students a very good quality of education at the right price. The certified tutors ensure that children have an enjoyable learning experience. They use interactive worksheets, online puzzles, math games, etc., to teach a lecture effectively. The focus is always on helping kids build a deep understanding of the topic, eventually helping them to master it.


The goal behind learning should be to create a solid foundation that can be used at any time. Good grades will follow as a consequence. You can use the methods listed in this article to approach a topic like Calculate LCM. You can also use them to devise your own innovative study methods!

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