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15 Christmas Items That Everyone in Your Family Will Love

Christmas Items That Everyone in Your Family Will Love

Are you interested in finding the hottest Christmas items that everyone in your family will love this year? We’ve got a list of 15 different items!

Americans spend around $1 trillion on Christmas each year. This averages out to about $990 per person when you factor in decorations, food, and gifts.

Avoid overspending on underwhelming gifts this year. There are 15 Christmas items that everyone in your family will love.

1. Tablet

The holidays are the times to spoil your loved ones with the latest trinkets and tech. It’s the perfect time of year to do this because of amazing offers like Lenovo black Friday deals.

You’ll find the latest technology at great discounts you won’t get during other times of the year. It’s perfect for families where more than one person needs a new device at once.

Save money by waiting for a flash electronics sale at your favorite retailer. Most people wait until Black Friday, but supplies are limited.

To get the best tablet deal, you might have to scout on multiple shopping days like Cyber Monday to make sure you find the best value.

2. Socially Conscious Kids Clothing

The best part about the holidays is the warm and fuzzy feelings of gathering together with the people that matter the most. Your family can extend this love out into the world year-round with socially conscious kids’ clothing.

There are many brands that promote women’s history and kindness to others. Skip the common characters and bring a new message of positivity that your child can represent every day.

There are brands that make sizes as small as 0 to 3 months so babies can start off with a more empathetic view of the world.

3. Laptop

Computers a gift and a curse. They make life much easier but ask for a major financial sacrifice in return that has to be repeated every few years.

The holidays are the best time to make this sacrifice since you have the option to blend a need and a want to create the perfect meaningful gift.

In most cases, the cost of a laptop is usually directly related to its value. It’s possible to buy laptops dirt cheap but you should expect it to need replacement much faster than a machine with the latest technology and features.

4. Temperature Controlled Coffee Mug

All across America, morning routines are built around the timing of coffee makers. One wrong move and you could be stuck with a cup of cold, undrinkable Joe.

Give the coffee lover in your house a temperature-controlled coffee mug. This means more flexibility on when and how he or she can enjoy a cup of coffee.

Coffee warmers usually need a nearby power source making a poor travel companion but they work wonders in an office or kitchen. When you’re pulled into a meeting or appointment, you’ll return to a piping hot mug of coffee just like you left it.

Unfortunately, if you take the mug off the warmer, it won’t get reheated when you place it back on the hot plate. Coffee mug warmers only work as long as the mug remains in contact with the heating element.

5. Gingerbread Christmas Items

Think beyond the gingerbread house this holiday season. There are gingerbread trains, villages, and the option to create your own architectural masterpiece that’ll rival Great Zimbabwe.

The best part about gingerbread Christmas gifts is that they give the whole family a reason to take a break from holiday stress. Like a puzzle, gingerbread houses are a quiet way to unwind on Christmas night after dinner and the frenzy of holiday guests.

You can also opt to start the gingerbread house process early in the season and build on a much bigger gingerbread city concept. Let your family’s imagination take the flight to explore countless gingerbread design options.

6. Indoor Herb Garden

Good health is always trending. Give the gift of fresh spices with an indoor herb garden.

This Christmas gift is a great option for anyone that loves to cook but doesn’t have the time or space for gardening. There are budget-friendly and splurge-worthy Christmas gift ideas for the space-conscious gardener.

Budget-friendly indoor gardens require more work because you have to start the seeds yourself and keep up with watering. More expensive herb gardens come with their own light and watering source. Some varieties even control the temperature of the growing plants.

Consider the recipient’s access to natural light and whether or not they have time to keep up with the needs of tiny plants. Automating the gardening upkeep allows for more flexibility on maintenance.

7. Stock

Few people complain of having too much money. But studies show most people invest far below their maximum potential.

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral gift that keeps on giving, stocks are a good choice. With a solid stock pick, your family members will enjoy profits for years to come.

Bet on an aggressive tech stock or a tried-and-true winner like Disney or Coca-Cola. Stock makes a great gift because it requires nothing on the part of the recipient.

8. Engraved Leather Bookmark

Consider a personalized leather bookmark for the book lover in your home. These engraved leather or vegan leather bookmarks make the perfect lifelong keepsake.

Use it to mark a milestone year like your first wedding anniversary with a spouse to make the keepsake more memorable.

9. Multicultural Books

The world is growing more and more diverse. Americans are looking for ways to better connect with people from around the world who now represent neighbors, coworkers, and classmates.

The classroom is a great place to start.

Give the gift of multicultural education with anti-racist children’s books to your children or as teacher gifts. These books explore how empathy can replace old ideas and lead to better classroom communities.

Look for multicultural content that uplifts the strengths of others so your children understand how to celebrate other groups of people alongside their own.

10. Book Page Holder

Another great Christmas gift for book lovers is a wooden book page holder. This heart-shaped page holder comes in a variety of sizes making it an excellent choice for tiny children and adults alike.

It works as a one-handed book reading solution for the reader who loves to multi-task. Readers can sip on a hot beverage or glass of wine while curled up with their favorite book.

11. Kneadable Erasers

Step aside, fidget spinners. There’s a new Christmas stocking stuffer in town. Kneadable erasers are fun ways for kids to satisfy their urge to fidget while creating pencil-drawn masterpieces.

Kneadable erasers allow you to mold erasers like a piece of clay. These erasers promote play-based learning and creativity.

Most kneadable erasers are sold in packs offering multiple colors like red, yellow, and blue.

12. Biodegradeable Phone Case

Let’s be honest. There’s lots of waste created each year from Christmas presents.

But Christmas gift ideas don’t have to hurt the planet. You’ll find awesome plastic-free phone cases on the web for devices of all types.

These phone cases are an important step towards reducing the plastic on the planet while giving you a great stocking stuffer option. The downside to biodegradable phone cases is their unusual smell.

It won’t bother everyone, but there’s a ‘natural’ smell that comes from biodegradable and compostable products. It might be worth taking out of the packaging in advance to allow it to air out.

13. Charitable Donation

For the family that already has everything, consider a charitable donation as your Christmas gift to each other. Donating to charity is a great Christmas gift idea because it takes the heat off everyone to make a perfect choice.

You know that wherever you give back, it’ll make an impact on someone else’s life. You can decide as a family what charity best aligns with your values.

Or, you can let everyone in the family contribute to separate causes based on what matters to them. Many companies host drives during the holidays that allow you to ship product to toy or book drives around the world.

14. Bamboo Lap Desk

Virtual learning is better when you can do it anywhere you want. Get a travel lap desk for a family member working remotely.

Bamboo lap desks are an eco-friendly option that provides a solid surface for laptops and tablets. The adjustable tabletop means you can raise or lower a tablet or book for better visibility while you work.

One side of the desk remains flat so you have flexibility in how the workspace gets used.

15. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Another great sustainable Christmas gift is a stainless steel water bottle. This is one of the best Christmas items for people who love hiking or camping.

Stainless steel water bottles keep your drinks cold while out in warm weather. Choose a design with a carabiner attached so that it can attach easily to a backpack or wet bag.

The Best Christmas Gifts

The best Christmas items for the people you love require a little digging, but can easily be uncovered with a little thoughtfulness. Gives that promote empathy show your values as the giver and spreads joy during the holidays.

Stick to your budget and you’ll avoid the pitfalls of buyer’s remorse this holiday season. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.



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