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How to Keep Music Playing While Recording With An iPhone

How to Keep Music Playing While Recording With An iPhone

Have you ever tried to keep the music playing while Recording with an iPhone while taking note of a cool jam in the background? It is often frustrating how the music gets stop immediately. The immediate isolating of any sound playing in the background is an IOS restriction inputted by Apple. It’s to stop speakerphone quality audio from being captured in your video.

We’ll allow you to in on a touching secret that permits you to play music within the background whilst recording a video together with your iPhone. The great news is there are different options out there that permit you to override this restriction.

The Quick Take iPhone feature

Before the introduction of the iPhone 11, audio playback immediately pauses when the video mode is in use but this feature is often avoided. With the iPhone 11, music continues to play even while capturing a video. It works equally if you lock the Quick Take camera into a video using the right-side gestures. So, you’ve got the choice of using the video section if you would like to pause your music or the Quick Take camera if you would like the music captured within the video. This Quick Take feature is in the photo section. Quick Take is merely usable on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 pro max camera app. As long as you’ve got a 2019 or any latest iPhone brand, you’ll use the Quick Take record.

Third-party app option

Perhaps you’re unable to use the Quick Take option because you are doing not use any of the iPhone brands above, you’ll use a third-party app to play music while recording a video. These apps are highly recommended and widely available for downloads. You’ll cash in of those third-party apps to record while playing music. Notwithstanding the app or site, you’re playing the audio from whether from Apple music, sound cloud, Shazam, Pandora, Tidal, or YouTube. The method is pretty straightforward.

The Video app for iPhone is one of these third-party apps. You’ll easily utilize the choice of recording while playing music with the Mideo app. With this app, your music doesn’t pause love it ordinarily should. You’ll record and hear music simultaneously. It supports all audio sources including Spotify, the sound cloud, and so forth. Together with your device’s in-built high-quality video camera, you’ll film your videos. Mideo immediately saves the video you’re taking in your camera roll. It supports additional features you would possibly want to use just like the portrait, landscape, or zoom camera. You’ll also edit or trim the video you’re taking within the app. While recording with the Mideo app, you’ll restart, resume, or change the music using the center.

Steps to Utilizing Quick Take Option

  1. This is the primary and foremost step. You would like to play the music on your iPhone directly from your phone speaker and not the other secondary equipment sort of a headphone. The music app from which you play the song doesn’t matter. You’ll also use a streaming service to play the song. It’s fine as long because it supports background playback. The foremost important thing is that the song is playing in the background. This ensures that even if you open other apps, the music will continue playing
  2. Next, open your camera app on your phone and attend the photo mode. All the while, confirm the music remains playing. Record your Quick Take video. Don’t enter the video mode because the song within the background will stop playing immediately after you are doing. Confirm you’re in the Photo mode. You’ll use both the selfie and rear camera to require the video.
  3. Tap and hold the red shutter button on your screen to record your video. You’ll be abandoning the button once you’re done recording. You’ll also lock the Quick Take mode. This enables the recording to continue without you having to carry down the shutter button.
  4. Make sure that the audio or music is audible enough for the microphone to be ready to capture it.


So, next time you decide to create a new Tiktok video or make a dance video, these tricks may come in handy.