How To Cut Vinyl Siding Without Cracking?

Cut vinyl siding without cracking

Do you have to cut vinyl siding and don’t know how to do that? This article will help you out. Here, you can find the three most common ways to cut siding that you can use. So, how to cut vinyl siding nice and easily? Learn more here.

Instruments You Will Need

For cutting vinyl, you will need a set of special instruments, which includes:

  • Circular saw (short vertical cuts)
  • Tin snips (long vertical cuts)
  • Utility knife (horizontal cuts)
  • Safety goggles
  • Straightedge
  • Measuring tape
  • Vinyl siding
  • Carpenter’s square and pencil

To choose the right tool among the first three, you should first decide on a method you will be using. Find more details on those down below.

3 Ways to Cut Vinyl:

There are three methods you can use to make clean cuts. Here are all of them:

1. Short Vertical Cuts:

For this kind of siding, you will need to use a circular saw. At first, you will have to determine the length of the siding pieces. To do that, you will need to get a measuring tape. Put a strip of vinyl on the work table (it should be flat). Fit the circular saw with a cutting blade. The edge of the table can be used as a guide. Slowly saw off the extra siding. Use a carpenter’s square to make a cut accurate. Repeat the same thing with the other pieces. To prevent any kind of visible damage, you should cut from the backside. Be careful when using a circular saw and remember to use safety goggles to protect yourself.

2. Long Vertical Cuts:

For this method, you will now have to use tin snips. It might be a bit more time-consuming than the previous way, but it is still a good one, especially for smaller projects. To use this method, you still have to get a measuring tape and decide on the measurements for your siding pieces.

After you are done measuring the pieces, you will have to work on the cut. Put a siding strip on the table and set the carpenter’s square under the siding. Hold both with your hand steadily. Start making a cut with the tin snips. Close them when you have completed around 65-70% of the way, then open and press them. To make the cuts more accurate and clean, you should not close the snips completely. You should also keep your safety in mind whenever you use this tool, even if it seems safer than the other one.

3. Horizontal Cuts:

For this kind of cutting, you will need to use a utility knife. Start with doing the right measurements, and then putting a strip on the table. Use a straightedge to mark a place where you would like to make a cut. With the help of a knife, score it along the straightedge. Use only medium pressure.

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Be Safe and Buy Only Quality Instruments:

There are many tools you can choose from whenever you decide on the best instruments for doing the cutting. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: siding quality should always be a top priority whenever you are shopping for the materials. Don’t hesitate to pay some extra in order to be sure about your safety. Another thing you should always remember is to put your safety goggles on, no matter what type of work you are doing. You should always prioritize your safety. Make this your #1 rule and go ahead and choose the best way to cut vinyl!