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How to Hire the Best Front-End Developer for Your Organization

How to Hire the Best Front-End Developer for Your Organization

Are you looking for front-end developers?

Websites and applications go beyond aesthetics. It’s all about usability. It isn’t obvious to some since 70% of online businesses fail because of poor interfaces.

That’s why you need to be careful when picking a front-end developer. They can cost you your business or organization otherwise.

How do you find the best developer for the team? Keep reading to learn some effective hiring practices:

Write an Effective Job Description

Familiarize yourself with the role to understand what you’re looking for. Do you know what is front-end development?

How much are you willing to pay? For reference, the average salary of a front-end web developer in the United States is between $106,922 and $130,083.

Write the job description based on these factors. You must be straightforward and concise about the role. At the same time, introduce your company and values.

You may use templates from the internet but fill in the details on your own. Front-end developers have different skill sets. Know the necessary skills for the job.

After writing a job description, upload it to your website and other online job boards. Use LinkedIn, Indeed, and similar websites to hire a front-end developer.

Consider using freelance marketplaces like UpWork and Fiverr. They’re best for short-term contracts and projects. However, try to negotiate for a full-time contract.

Look at your post visibility when uploading it on any website. Use the right keywords for front-end developers to find your post.

Browse the thousands of resumes published on the websites above. Job seekers upload and update their profiles here. It allows you to view their skills, job experience, and even salary expectations at a glance.

Look for the Right Skills

Front-end developers must have the basic skills needed for any role. They should already have a good grasp of HTML and CSS. The former is for structuring a web page and the latter for styling it.

These are the basic blocks for web development, making them great for static pages. For animation and other moving elements, front-end developers must know JavaScript.

JavaScript is a coding language for creating a more interactive web page. Some elements possible with JavaScript are pop-ups, embedded media, moving menus, and so on.

Some of these have advanced versions senior developers already have experience in. HTML5, for instance, supports audio and video, so users don’t have to deal with plugins. Check whether they know React and ECMAScript.

Getting acquainted with these skills allows your business to hire the right front-end developer for the role.

Evaluate Their Seniority

We can categorize front-end developers under three categories based on their skill level: junior, middle, and senior. Do you know which one fits best for the job and your budget?

You have to know their qualifications to assess their readiness for the role. Here’s a brief look at the different seniority levels.


A junior front-end web developer is a starter in web development. They already have the basic skills discussed above. They should already be ready for building simple applications.

They have zero to little experience. As such, they might work slower because of their knowledge gaps.

Most can’t do advanced work, but they’re great in a team. Their advantage is they’re cheaper to hire.

Some junior developers might already have the necessary skills for the project even if they have no years of experience. Interviews and tests will let you know if they’re ready.


Middle front-end developers have at least three years of experience. It enables them to tailor apps within business aims and budget limitations. They can use the right technology and make independent decisions for your goals.

They have all the skills of a junior developer plus one or two development frameworks. These developers must already know ES6. They command a higher price for their skillset and experience.


Senior developers are the more experienced ones with five or more years under their belt. It also means they’re the most expensive.

Ask whether they know about Test-Driven Development (TDD). It involves writing a test before writing the code. If the code fails, they will correct it until it passes.

They work well in larger and more complex projects for years. They can review the business aims and use the right schemes. They can suggest more optimal solutions for emerging problems.

Aside from technical skills, look for soft skills. Senior front-end developers will often interact with the client directly. As such, they must at least have some basic communication skills.

Leadership skills and a genuine passion for web development are a plus. If you find these developers, treat them well. They know their worth and won’t stay if they know you don’t value them.

Ask the Right Questions

A series of interviews allows you and your team to know each candidate and their skillset. Because the role is technical, focus on questions relating to their skills.

A good question to ask is whether they know what a CSS float is. Follow it up with why they might use it.

This type of question tests their understanding of the CSS language. The “why” allows you to learn their style. It allows you to determine whether they’re a good fit for your desired results.

You or the interviewer must be familiar with these concepts. Ask someone well-versed in this technology to listen in on the interview.

Otherwise, hiring a front-end developer gets more difficult. You’ll end up picking the most intelligent-sounding person. In the long run, you might discover they have no substance.

Find the Best Front-End Developer for Your Team Now

When looking for the best front-end developer, you’re looking past their skills and experience. You’re also gauging their suitability to the project and your team. Use the tips above to ensure your next hire is the best.

Regardless, study technical concepts to find a good developer. Otherwise, you won’t know the right metrics to focus on.

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