How to Merge mp4 Files

How to Merge mp4 Files

If you’re into video editing, you’ve likely come across MP4 files and are having issues merging them.

If you have many MP4 files you might want to join them together to create a longer video – but you’ll also want to ensure that the transitions between these MP4 videos are smooth.

So how do you merge MP4 files without causing further issues? How do you ensure that you don’t succumb to choppy editing?

Here are the best ways to merge MP4 files:

Convert the Final File to MP4

What happens if your video files are in another format such as AVI? In such a case, you might wish to finish editing your video before converting it to MP4.

You can use Adobe Creative Cloud Express to convert AVI to MP4. All you have to do is upload the video files and the platform will convert the files within a few minutes.

This is the easiest method and works well for converting large video files to MP4 files within a short period. You can do further research on what is an MP4 file to see the advantages of why this file type is superior to others.

Merge MP4 Files Through a Simple Video Editor

If you already have MP4 files at your disposal, then you want to find a way to merge them without compromising on transitions.

The first step is to connect the MP4 files manually and then watch them. You want to see if the transitions are smooth. If not, then you can use a short ‘Fade To’ transition between each clip for a smooth transition.

When you export the file, make sure that you keep it in MP4 format. If you change the format, it can compromise the quality of the output.

Merge MP4 Files Through an Advanced Video Editor

You can also use advanced video editors to merge MP4 files. These video editors are ideal if you’re making a feature film or a longer internet video.

With these video editors, you’ll often have to wait for the MP4 files to render before joining them together. With advanced video editors, you might find that the transitions are choppy.

You have to drag the beginning of the second MP4 file to overlap with the last 2 or 3 seconds of the end of the first MP4 file. This ensures that they merge smoothly and that the choppy transition disappears.

If you don’t have MP4 files, then it’s best to convert your video files to MP4 before using an advanced video editor.

In most cases, an advanced video editor won’t have the option to convert file types. If it does, then it’ll take hours to complete conversion.

That’s How to Merge MP4 Files

Now you know how to merge MP4 files and ensure smoother editing for your video content.

If you don’t have MP4 files, it’s always best to use a service such as Adobe Creative Cloud Express to convert them. You can then use a simple video editing tool to merge them without issue.

If you use an advanced video editor, you’ll have to have a bit more technical expertise to merge MP4 files. But these software programs are often best for creating longer videos.

You can find more MP4 file tips on our blog!