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How to write a B2B prospecting email + examples for outreach

If I am given the choice between talking on the phone and writing an email to a client, I always choose email. Easier, more familiar and safer. Once the problems arise, it is better to put everything in writing.

The fact that selling is burdensome for everyone is a reality, but the fact that we have to sell every day to other professionals is another indisputable fact when we have an online business. And for that, we have to get in touch with companies that we don’t know at all, that is to say, within the framework of this article, to make prospecting by e-mail B to B.

Common mistakes that cause poor business response rates

Many people complain about the lack of response from emails sent to potential customers they are not aware of.

  • Well written but poorly structured emails.
  • Emails that are too focused on selling the product or service in question or on the wonders of your business. The customer is afraid!
  • Emails that expect to receive without giving anything back.
  • Prospecting emails that have nothing to do with the tone used on the web.
  • Sometimes the emails are impersonal and there is no connection to the reader.

It’s not surprising that so many B to B professionals wonder if this type of message really works. Fortunately, if there is a good thing about email, it is that it improves the message you send until it is perfect.

1: The importance of putting yourself in the shoes of the recipient before. to start

Receiving an email is not the same as sending an email. Sending is easy because it’s the job of the prospecting person. However, receiving is a totally different task because it requires something precious in the life of humans: I name time.

This is why it is so important to put yourself in the place of the prospect and know a number of characteristics that define them.

  • Do they have a lot of time at their disposal?
  • Is his inbox filled every day?
  • Is the prospective email too long?

First, your target prospect will be happy to respond to your mail if the deadline is short and straight to the point. If the email you wrote requires work and effort on the part of the recipient, you are more likely to leave the email for later or to be lazy to respond.

2: The art of writing an email to a company targeted by prospecting

Before writing, you need to clarify several points about the recipient. If I want to write to Juan, a potential customer for a service I just launched on my website, I answer the following question: What should I ask Juan when he finishes reading my mail?

One day I was reading the email of a courier company that was trying to get new customers by email. The message was well written, the only mistake they made was to put forward the offer they made for Christmas, but without any call to action.

By not properly defining what they want this potential customer to do with their mail, the message gets lost in the recipient’s inbox. Normal, isn’t it?

  • The first rule of thumb in a letter to a cold professional audience is always the same: offer specific information and make an effort in the message.
  • Second, it’s important to be clear about the real reason you’re writing to him.

If at any time you want to get in touch with a company or someone you don’t know, write them a specific message that links them in a positive way. This is how you will gain their trust the first time.

3: The ideal email structure for prospecting companies

Most professionals make little effort to get the main message across, and that is how they end up sending boat messages to their potential customers with whom they are never really in touch.

1. Mention the person who gave you the idea or contact to write to that person.
2. In case you can’t follow the first option, give a brief introduction on what you like about the target company.
3. State the specific reason why you are sending the email.
4. Create a short text about who you are and what you are looking for.
5. Make a clear description of what you need.
6. Leave your contact information so they can contact you or place a call to action.

Mistakes not to make in B to B prospecting emails

First, consider the subject of this type of email. These must be concrete titles that make the targeted business want to open the email. Then think twice before sending a mass commercial email to all of your contacts. The reputation of a spammer is acquired in less time than you would like. E-reputation can sometimes damage your brand image. Also, it can be worth writing with the recipient and their precious time in mind. If you focus too much on your product, service or brand, you can put yourself before the company targeted by your B TO B prospecting email.

Never forget to have less ego and more healthy and justifiable motives to help you connect with your audience. Of course, you must describe the subject of the mail you wish to send. This part is very important, it will even play on the opening rate of your prospective emails, so be rigorous with this step. Finally, the important thing is really to define and write in the email what seems important to you and which is in agreement with the person who will receive it.

5 examples of B to B prospecting emails to reuse

1. First contact email

This first contact email builds on existing company hierarchies to schedule your first meeting.

Subject: Are you the person in charge of marketing?

Hello (NAME),

I am writing to you in the hope of finding the appropriate person to take care of (DEPARTMENT)? I also wrote to (PERSON X, PERSON Y, AND PERSON Z) for this purpose. If it makes sense to speak, let me know what your calendar looks like.

(COMPANY) helps increase the income of CAC 40 companies by marketing. Each month, we reach 2 million French people with an audio message that they must hear. We include 30-second audio and text ads in phone calls to calling cards. The advantage for users is that they make their call for free.

2. Contact a prospect who has taken a new position

If you have noticed that a prospect has just taken up a new position in your target company, this is probably a good opportunity to congratulate them and get in touch.

Subject: Congratulations on your new position!

Hello (NAME),

This morning I received an automated email from your predecessor, (NAME OF PREDECESSOR) with whom we worked briefly, and before him, (OTHER FORMER NAME OF WORKER), with whom we also worked.

First of all, congratulations on your arrival in this new position! I’m sure you have a lot to do – so this conversation may or may not be timely.

My role here is to work with companies (in the region) on how they can effectively and efficiently generate more traffic to their website and increase conversions.

How has your first month been so far?


3. The reminder email

When you haven’t heard from a prospect for a while, it’s always tricky to relaunch them. This email should be able to help you:

Subject: Following our last exchange

Hello (NAME),

I am contacting you following the discussions we had last October regarding the referencing of your website.

I wanted to know if you are still interested in performing an Audit of your website.

Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to share this article with you in connection with the latest update from Google: (ARTICLE LINK)

I look forward to hearing from you.


4. Email following a missed call

You tried to call, but your prospect did not pick up. To improve your chances of getting a response, send the follow-up email below immediately after leaving a message.

Subject: Still interested?

Hello (NAME),

I tried to call you about (REASON) but you were most likely busy at the time.

You can always call me at (YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER) so we can discuss it together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

See you soon

5. Submit a free offer

One of the best methods to attract a prospect is to offer a discovery offer to your service or your product.

Subject: Free audit

Hello (NAME),
I am contacting you following the exchanges we had in (DATE) in relation to your website.

We would be delighted to help you achieve your objectives for this year in terms of turnover, which is why we are offering you a free pre-audit?
This audit will highlight the areas for improvement regarding the increase in traffic on your site, and its conversion, but also the notoriety of (COMPANY)!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to come back to us, we will answer you with great pleasure 🙂

Looking forward to your reply, I wish you a great day,

See you soon