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Pin Down Your Marketing: How to Advertise on Pinterest

How to Advertise on Pinterest

If you’re going to promote your products effectively, you’re going to need to know how to advertise on all platforms. Here’s how you can advertise on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a powerful platform with a mix of social media and media sharing features. Users have the ability to discover and share images, as well as craft their own profiles with an organized compilation of images.

But where does Pinterest fall into the world of advertising? The website is a surprisingly valuable source for successful marketing campaigns. In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of Pinterest marketing, how to advertise on Pinterest, and more.

What Is Pinterest Advertising?

Pinterest’s advertising platform is relatively new compared to other social media giants. Advertising on Pinterest involves creating a Promoted Pin, which shows up in searches with specific keywords. Like other social media paid ads,

Within the ad management platform, Pinterest is able to forecast the potential number of audience impressions. The platform also allows you to pinpoint specific demographics, so your ads reach your intended audience.

Pinterest has a cost-per-click program, which means you only get charged when users click the ad.

Another method of Pinterest advertising is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is much less time consuming than a traditional campaign. Affiliate marketing relies on users who post affiliate links to your product or service on your behalf, earning commission for each posted link.

Why You Should Advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest has an audience of around 225 million global users, a number that’s continuously growing year after year. With so many pinning and sharing media, the opportunities for marketing campaigns are endless.

Beyond the large audience, Pinterest users actually benefit from advertisements the most, as 89% of users use Pinterest as purchase inspiration.

Pinterest’s ad management platform provides helpful insights and analytics into your campaigns. Analytics range from the number of clicks to audience impressions.

By allowing you to target your specific market, campaigns work as intended while staying cost-effective. Plus, you only have to pay when your audience clicks on your ad.

Which Businesses Benefit From Pinterest Ads the Most?

While any business can reap the benefits of a Pinterest ad campaign, some businesses have an advantage. Businesses that cater to a female demographic, or an age range between 18 and 24, will find that the majority of Pinterest’s audience is within that demographic.


One of the most popular categories on Pinterest is fashion. Many users create niche boards on their profiles related to a wide variety of clothing items. Businesses that sell clothing reach a gigantic audience interested in fashion.

Clothing stores benefit from Promoted Pins with a “shop the look” message and an image of a model wearing several of your products. This type of Promoted Pin seamlessly leads users to your shopping basket immediately after discovering the Pin.


Another popular category on Pinterest relates to makeup and skincare items. If your business is in the cosmetics industry, reaching your ideal audience is simple on Pinterest.

Users who search for cosmetics on Pinterest are interested in guides and insights into the product. Creating a Promoted Pin with an eye-catching tutorial is an easy way to gain clicks.


Recipes are very popular on Pinterest. Users typically search this category using keywords related to the type of dish they want to create, so users are more willing to discover new advice and products.

Like users who search through the cosmetics categories, users who enjoy the cooking categories want guides and recipes. By creating a recipe involving your cooking products, you’re more likely to see a better reception from your target audience.


Pinterest is a major outlet for home decor inspiration. Users who are browsing the platform for home decor ideas are usually inclined to purchase what they discover. This makes Pinterest a fantastic marketing campaign platform for home decor businesses.

To create the best home decor Promoted Pin, be sure to photograph the furniture and decor the way you’d stage a home to sell. The most important goal is to sell the idea of a room, rather than one product.

Hair Care

When it comes to getting a new hairstyle, users tend to flock to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Whether you operate a hair salon or sell a line of hair care products, Pinterest is a great place to generate clicks.

Hair salons benefit from showing off fresh haircuts in well-lit photos and posting them as a Promoted Pin. With the right keywords related to the style, color, and cut, the searches will pour in.

How to Advertise on Pinterest

Whether you’re using Pinterest for Mac or for PC, the campaign platform is very straightforward. To being posting content for your audience, you need to make a Pinterest Business Account and open the Pinterest Ad Manager.

The Pinterest Ad Manager is where your campaign will come to life. Within this feature, you can create, edit, and share your ads within each campaign. Additionally, you can view how your ads are performing with related insights.

Press “Create Ad” while you’re in the ad section of your Pinterest Business Account. From there, choose a campaign objective, such as raising brand awareness or boosting traffic. Then, choose your intended target audience and expected budget for the campaign.

Once you’ve chosen the campaign details, it’s time for the fun part: Choosing your Promoted Pin. Choosing what piece of media you want your audience to see relies on several factors. For example, a great Promoted Pin links to your website and provides an eye-catching glimpse of your product or service.

After you’ve settled on the perfect Promoted Pin, you can share it with the world. Once you’ve shared your campaign, you can check how it’s doing using Pinterest’s analytics feature.

Keep a close eye on the number of impressions versus clicks. Ideally, you want people to click your Promoted Pin. If you’re not hitting the numbers you want, keep fine-tuning your Promoted Pins. Creating the perfect ad takes trial and error, especially for new businesses.

Put a Pin in Your Next Marketing Strategy

If you’re willing to advertise on Pinterest, you’ll uncover a cost-effective and reliable campaign strategy. With its approachable cost and insightful analytics, businesses of all types can invest in a successful marketing campaign on Pinterest with ease.

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