Star of the Freeway: How to Decorate Your Car Exterior Like a Pro

Star of the Freeway: How to Decorate Your Car Exterior Like a Pro

Did you know that 95% of American households have a car? Considering there are so many other people out driving around you, you probably have an urge to make your vehicle stand out above the rest. After all, it’s one of your most treasured possessions!

Do you want to make your car stand out on the road? Do you want to express your creativity and personality through the exterior of your vehicle? Then keep reading.

In this article, we’ll show you all the best ways on how to decorate your car exterior. That way, you’ll turn heads whenever you’re out and about!

Bumper Stickers

Yes, we know it’s so ’90s, but if you do it right and tastefully, it can actually add quite a personal touch to your car.

Choose just a few that mean something to you or are near and dear to your heart. Strategically choose where you want these bumper stickers to go and stick to them.

No matter how much you want to add new ones, don’t do it! It’ll quickly end up looking cluttered and a mess if you do.

Blinged-Out Letters

Are you a fan of bedazzling everything you get your hands on? Then a great way to bring this to your car is to get blinged-out letters!

You can easily pry off the letters that spell out your car brand. You can then get some crystals from the arts and crafts store and adhere them to the letters. Then, attach them back onto their original positions for an upgraded look.

If you want to spell out anything else to put on your car, you can do that too. These blinged-out letters are perfect for celebrating a birthday, graduation, marriage, or sports win!

Customized License Plate Covers

Most license plate covers are boring colors with nothing else on them. So why not perk yours up a little?

You can either go the DIY route or browse shops for customized license plate covers. Either way, you can get the colors you want, as well as the text that expresses what you want people to see.

Window Paint

Window paint is a cheap and easy way to quickly decorate your car’s exterior. These come in many different colors, so all you need is a paintbrush and some creativity!

Again, like with the blinged-out letters, window paint can be used to announce something huge, like a birthday or graduation. Or you can use it to just paint pretty designs on your vehicle.

The fact that window paint can be easily cleaned off makes it a great way to switch up your exterior car decoration on a regular basis. When you get bored with a design, or if another special day comes off, all you have to do is wipe off the existing window paint and get to work on your new design!

Car Wraps

What is a car wrap? Well, as the name indicates, it’s something that goes on top of your car’s exterior. More specifically, it’s a vinyl film.

It’s similar to a paint job, but you’re not actually changing the paint on your car. Instead, the car wrap goes on your car snugly.

What’s great about car wraps is that there are many more design options than with paint jobs. Have you always wanted an intricate design, but were told by auto shops that they couldn’t do it? That’s no longer the case if you choose to go with a car wrap instead!

You can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs, as well as texts. So you can easily turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard for your company if you wish.


If a car wrap sounds like too much of a commitment to you, then decals might be the way to go. These can also be vinyl stickers.

Simple stick these designs along the exterior of your vehicle to give it that oomph factor it needs.

Add Some String Lights

String lights always add a bit of warmth and joy to any place, especially if it’s during the holidays. So why not make the warmth and joy mobile?

Get yourself some string lights and drape them all over your car. Whenever you’re driving around at night, you’re sure to bring some holiday cheer to those around you.

If you choose to add some string lights, do make sure that they’re on securely. You don’t want to end up driving over the lights and crushing them all if they fall off.

Also, you want to be mindful of other drivers. You don’t want to blind them, so test out the lights at home before getting behind the wheel.

Put up Some Grille Ornaments and Accessories

The grille is at the front of your car, which means it’s an area that draws people’s eyes easily, especially if you’re parked. This makes it the perfect place to attach ornaments and accessories.

What you decide on is entirely up to you! It can be anything from a Christmas wreath to a cute stuffed animal you like. You can even swap out these decorations according to the season to keep things fresh.

Know-How to Decorate Your Car Exterior to Stand Out

Now you have some great ideas on how to decorate your car exterior. Many of these decorations come with the added benefit of providing extra protection for your vehicle, so make sure you take full advantage of them.

So get started on your car exterior decoration. It’s about time that you customized your vehicle in such a way that not only has people taking a second look, but instantly recognizing it as yours!

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