The Best Outdoor Water Toys for Your Family’s Lake Vacation

At the beach, outdoor water toys can be easily lost and damaged in the sand and surf. For a vacation at the lake, those outdoor toys are a necessity!

The sun’s out, the water’s cool, and you’re ready to enjoy a day at the lake! You and your family love visiting the lake for family vacations. It’s the perfect get-away from the normal hustle and bustle of every-day life.

While at the lake, you can sit back and relax with a cold drink in your hand as you watch the children splash and play in the water. As the years go by, however, the old water toys are no longer played with as much. Your children want new outdoor water toys that they can enjoy, and you want a few new water toys for yourself as well.

This year, you’re going to have the best water toy collection to surprise your family with once arriving at the lake! We have no doubt about that because below is our guide on all the must-have water toys for a vacation at the lake.

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Floating Drink Holder/Cooler

You don’t plan many lake vacations when it’s snowing outside. You wait until the sun is out and your entire family can cool off in the water. As the sun gets hotter, you’ll want a few other ways to cool off as well.

Have you ever been swimming in the lake and wish you had your cold water bottle by your side? That’s why you need a floating drink holder/cooler. There are some floating drink holders that are only made to hold a few drinks and one large pitcher in the middle.

Others are made to hold ice and drinks to ensure they stay cool. This is also the perfect tool to ensure your children stay hydrated while playing in the water.

Floating Beer Pong Game

This next one is for the parents, but adults need their own water toys as well for lake vacations. A floating beer pong game allows you to set up an entire game of beer pong right on top of the water! You can now have fun and enjoy a few beers without ever having to leave the water.

Each team will have their own floating beer bong table and the opposing team will have to aim for it. The best thing about it is you’ll no longer have to worry about the ball falling into the dirt on the ground.

8-Person Floating Island

All kids love to climb on top of the floats and float around the lake. There’s probably a good chance that you’ve broken up a few arguments here and there about who gets to use the float next. Now, with the 8-person floating island, you no longer have to worry about scheduling turns (unless you’ve brought more than 8 kids with you).

When searching for great accessories for the lake, the floating island is a must.

The 8-person floating island can hold 8 children on it all at once and each child will have their own separate section to hang onto. Help each child get onto the float and then let them be off on a fun adventure together.

Temporary Beach Aquarium

If your children spend time catching critters along the lake’s shoreline, then they’re going to love the temporary beach aquarium. This little aquarium allows kids to place it completely underwater and watch it fill up to the top. Children can then look into the aquarium and see what life’s like in a lake!

If they catch any small lake critters or fish, they can place them in the aquarium and keep them as temporary pets until it’s time to release them back into the lake. It makes for a perfect science lesson as well.

Life-Size Hamster Water Wheel

Can’t you just imagine your kids running around inside a life-size hamster wheel on top of the lake? We know you can. Your kids are going to love having a water wheel to running in while splashing in the water.

This wheel isn’t a completely enclosed wheel as you might be thinking. This wheel is one that’s similar to the kind of wheel you’d see inside a hamster cage. Both sides of the wheel are open, so anyone with claustrophobia won’t have an issue running around in it.

The kids will play, have fun, and exercise all at the same time!

Floating Game of Cornhole

If you’re a cornhole-playing family, then you need to have your own floating game of it. Floating cornhole is set up just like the normal game, except the cornhole boards float on the water! The bean baggies will also float, which makes playing on water simple.

You won’t have to swim to the bottom of the lake to retrieve sunken bags.

Underwater Seascooter

The underwater sea scooter is like nothing you’ve seen before. Don’t be surprised if your little ones begin to wait in line to get a hold of this water toy. This water toy has handles that your kids can hold onto, and it can then travel up to 2.5 miles per hour at 30 ft deep!

It even has an underwater camera mount on it if you want to place a camera there to record your children’s underwater journeys. All they need to do is hold onto the handles and let the scooter take them on a trip!

Which Outdoor Water Toys Will You Bring on Your Next Trip to the Lake?

There are plenty of amazing outdoor water toys available on the market. This list just names a few of the best! Which ones will you be sure to include on your next family vacation to the lake?

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