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The Best Technology To Increase Productivity in a Warehouse

The Best Technology To Increase Productivity in a Warehouse

The role of internet marketing and eCommerce solutions has changed the role of warehouses today. It seems that more people shop online than in-person. Therefore, warehouses must ensure proper order fulfillment to optimize their role in the supply chain. With innovative technologies constantly emerging, there are many ways warehouses have succeeded in achieving this. Here are some of the best technologies to improve productivity in warehouses you should be familiar with.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated guided vehicles have changed workplace efficiency for long-term success. Many people hear the term “automation” and assume negative connotations, like job loss or poorly driven artificial intelligence. However, the use of AI and automation in manufacturing and warehousing has proven more effective than detrimental. Automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, are one example of how robotics has streamlined daily operations. Every warehouse should invest in automation to reduce overhead costs, optimize its warehouse space, and improve productivity.

Smart Technologies

Another tech innovation changing warehousing today is smart technology. The vast Internet of Things (IoT) has improved broadband communications and networking for various devices to output data from one centralized location. Smart technologies are not limited to phones, tablets, or household appliances, either. Their use in industry has led to voice-activated technology being adopted into warehouse operations. As a result, this has improved workflow communication and reduced error. The use of smart technology has also increased training, organization, and information retrieval to expedite programs and data retrieval.

Solar and Renewable Energy

While perhaps not the most common technology in warehousing, solar and renewable energy remain some of the best technologies to increase productivity in a warehouse. Traditional energy use has lost popularity given economic uncertainty over cost and reliability. Due to that, warehouse managers seek new and more affordable energy sources to power their facilities. While there are overhead costs to solar panel installation and storage, renewable energy reduces overall operating costs, while also increasing market value for the commercial property.

Warehouse Management Systems

Lastly, warehouse management systems also prove effective in warehouse productivity. Warehouse management systems, or WMSes, digitize warehouse operations for a greater onsite organization. WMSes help with inventory management, order prioritization, replenishment, shipping, and labor management. With a WMS, managers can reduce their operational costs and improve their warehouse productivity.



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