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The best tools for keyword research and perfect SEO optimization

SEO begins with one of the most important factors – keywords. Keywords help us provide quality content to our readers and promote our website in SERP’s. Still, SEO requires more.

In addition to keywords, backlinks, internal links, audiovisual content, and more, an essential part of SEO is web hosting, which is a factor affecting the speed, security, and reliability of your page. If your website lacks such factors, SEO will be greatly affected, despite your efforts regarding keywords and other SEO elements.

Hostinger is one of the most suitable web hosting solutions – the platform that provides a lot of speed, security and website design benefits, helping you to improve your SEO results.

But let’s get back to the keyword story.

Keyword research is an essential measure that is part of digital marketing strategies. There is a great need to use keyword research tools, but companies with limited resources may have trouble finding a suitable program where most of them are paid. Fortunately, there are many tools that allow you to search for keywords without having to pay for anything.

Before you start your search, you must know the idea you want to promote. For example, if you are involved in selling supplements, suppose you want to write articles about a healthy diet, nutritious food, etc. In this way, your search can focus on the word diet, which will be the primary keyword, from which the long-tail keywords appear, which give better search engine optimization results. Long keywords are those that contain more than two words, for example, weight loss diet.

To facilitate your keyword search process, we give you a list of the 5 most powerful tools that will improve your site’s SEO. let’s start.

1. KW Finder

Starting an online business requires many resources, but some products can be used for free, for example, KW Finder. KW Finder is a tool that offers you many free options. The platform is suitable for beginners who are learning SEO practices and who are not ready to use the most powerful tools.


– Perfect User Interface (UI): KW Finder is very easy to use, a feature that makes this platform very popular with users.

– Many possibilities to find unique keywords: The KW Finder keyword search system provides many opportunities to find unique keywords that will help you create more original content and improve your SEO results.

– Affordable and reliable: Although you cannot enjoy the free period forever, there are other plans that you can get at a reasonable price. In addition, KW Finder’s technical support will be at your disposal whenever you need it.


– Insufficient study of the competition: KW Finder does not provide a complete study of the competition, which can be a serious problem for users who wish to conduct a more advanced search.

– Limited search results: Limited search results, such as other more advanced SEO options.

Price: KW Finder’s SEO tools cost from $ 29.90 to $ 79.90, depending on the plan you choose.

2. Soovle

If you want to see keywords appearing in the search engines of the most popular web pages, such as Wikipedia, YouTube, or Amazon, we recommend using Soovle as one of the most relevant solutions. It is free and very useful for all who want to get more ideas about long-tail keywords and create content similar to the content of the most popular webpages.


– Suitable for beginners: Soovle does not require prior experience or knowledge of similar platforms, all you have to do is enter the keyword and you will see all suggestions related to it.

– Various suggestions: Soovle will help you achieve your goal by displaying the suggestions of different search engines.

– Save suggestions option: If you see the suggestions you want to use, you can save and use them later. Soovle also offers the option to print your suggestion list.


Constraints: Since the platform is completely free, do not expect to find more professional options than other tools. However, Soovle is not suitable for SEO experts and large companies.

– You cannot delete individual objects: When you add suggestions to your list, you cannot delete them individually, instead, you should delete the entire list.

Price: The product is completely free.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a professional tool that offers you various functions and options to make a keyword search simple and effective. In addition to giving you the opportunity to manage your keywords, Ahrefs provides a comprehensive analysis that digital marketing experts will need.


Custom Search: Custom Search provides different solutions for a single word. For example, if you are unsure/safe about the topic of diet function, enter the word diet, and you will see a broader list of results (weight loss diet, how to start a healthy diet, diet types, etc.).

– Advanced suggestions: Ahrefs provides a more advanced list of suggestions and allows you to see more keyword ideas in phrase match sections, get the same terms, rankings also, and search suggestions.

Full SERP Analysis: Keyword Explorer will show you the link from which you can view the URL of your URLs in SERP. In addition, some options include information about the changes and results your pages have achieved over time.


– Lack of SEO information: Ahrefs must improve the ways they provide SEO information, which is necessary for website owners.

Very high price: The product can be very expensive for teams with several members.

Price: The cheapest plan costs $ 99 per month, but there are other plans available if you want to enjoy the more advanced options ($ 179-999).

Free trial: There is no free trial, although you can use the product 7 days for $ 7.

4. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is one of the most advanced and smart platforms. In addition to providing various suggestions for initial keywords, it will provide you with a broader context that helps you create more creative ideas that will improve your SEO. Moz Keyword Explorer is perfect for SEO experts.


Smart Search: As mentioned before, Moz Keyword Explorer provides more than just a simple search. For example, if your main idea starts with the word “lose weight”, Moz will show you this suggestion – “what you eat to lose weight”

– SERP analysis: Moz’s SERP analysis is very detailed and provides you with all the basic data for the keywords you want to use to target your pages.

Study the competition: Moz helps you study your competition and find unique keywords that do not appear in the content on other websites. This way, you can improve your SEO position and increase your blog traffic.


Complex User Interface: The user interface is not so simple, which can be a problem for those who don’t have much experience with keyword search tools.

Very high price: Some users say the product price is very expensive compared to other platforms, which includes more options than Moz.

Price: Moz Pro includes plans ranging from $ 99 to $ 599, depending on your preferences.

5. Google Search Console

What about already placed pages? Keyword research does not stop when you find the right tool. Google Search Console (the free service provided by Google) provides basic data on the traffic your website receives, as well as the impressions and clickthrough rate (CTR) for each keyword. In fact, Google Search Console will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your business with keywords and help you develop your own digital marketing strategies and plans. In addition to providing data about keywords and traffic, this service will solve all the problems your pages may encounter, and much more.


– List of your keywords: Google Search Console will show you a list of all the keywords you have chosen to put your website. This way, you can check if you’ve deleted an important word and correct potential errors.

– Backlink monitoring option: Thanks to GSC, you can see a list of all websites that have links to your site.

– Regular alerts: One of the main goals of GSC is to inform the user of potential problems that usually arise upon indexing.


False positives: Sometimes the service shows problems that you have already solved. Although it is not a serious flaw, something like this usually annoys the user.

– Unclear reports: According to some reviews, users complain about the complexity of the reports submitted by GSC, as they cannot tell whether their page is working well or not.

Price: The service provided by Google Search Console is completely free.

6. SEMrush

Another ideal keyword research tool is Semrush, which is one of the most complete tools to improve website placement. It provides search engine optimization options, thrust traffic analysis, management option, social media analysis, as well as search analysis for ideal keywords. This tool is also higher for conducting an analysis of your competition or conducting a comprehensive analysis of your web domain. In short, everything you need to find your way to an ideal website.

If you decide to use it as a keyword research tool, SEMRush has the following options: Keyword Magic Tool, an easy-to-use keyword research tool that provides you with the keywords needed to build the best SEO strategy; Keyword Manager, where you can see the performance and statistics of the keywords you choose. Or ad history, to see historical ads and analyze their performance


We think the five keyword research tools mentioned in this post will be very useful to start placing your website on Google or another search engine. These tools give you many options for complete keyword analysis and learn more about SEO aspects that will help you implement your future projects.



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