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WhatsApp Adds Voice And Video Calling to Desktop App: 2021

WhatsApp Video and voice Calling on Desktop

WhatsApp adds voice and video calling to its desktop app. Facebook has been owned messaging services said on this Thursday 04-March-2021! providing higher relief to countless people sitting in front of their computers and laptops. And they had to reach for their phone every time whenever their WhatsApp receive calls.

From now to so on, WhatsApp said its nearly five-year-old desktop app for Mac and Windows will only support one-to-one calls! But that it will be expanding this feature to include group voice and video calls “in the future.” But now the WhatsApp adds voice and video calling to desktop versions.

How to Use WhatsApp Web:

how to use whatsapp web

To use the new WhatsApp video/voice calling feature, you’ll have to set up the WhatsApp desktop app on either your Mac or Windows PC, which requires that you already be a WhatsApp user on mobile. Once you’ve installed the app on your Windows PC or on Mac, users will then scan a QR code (showing on the top right corner in three dots) to log in on the desktop app. After which they’ll be able to use the desktop or web version of WhatsApp with their usual account. And also be able to use WhatsApp video/voice calling feature.

Mode of Calling:

Video calls work “seamlessly” for both portrait orientation mode and landscape orientation mode! And the desktop user or client is “set to be always on top of App so you never had to lose your important video chats and meetings in a browser tab or stack of open windows.” The company said we began testing the feature of Desktop video/audio calling with a small group of users on desktop late last year.

WhatsApp voice and video calling on desktop

Speaking of which, support for voice and video calls isn’t being extended to WhatsApp Web, the browser version of the service, at the instant, a spokesperson told techicz.com. (Facebook launched a dedicated desktop app for Facebook Messenger service last year, which supports group video calling feature.)

The new feature of WhatsApp for Web or Desktop versions support should come in handy to millions of people who use WhatsApp’s desktop. Client and other users every day and have had to use Zoom or Google Meet for one-to-one video calls on the desktop version of WhatsApp partly because of convenience.

Calls Process:

WhatsApp, employed by quite 2 billion people, hasn’t shared how popular video and voice calls are on its platform. But the company said it processed over 1.4 billion calls on New Year’s Eve! The day usage tends to peak on the Facebook-owned platform!

Like the 100 billion messages that WhatsApp processes on its platform every day. Voice and video calls also are end-to-end encrypted, it said.

Other Features:

Once known for taking quarters! WhatsApp had to push a feature improvement to its app. WhatsApp has visibly grown more aggressive with adding new features into its Apps in the past year. In late January, Facebook added opt-in its App a biometric fingerprint, face or iris scan authentication for WhatsApp on the desktop versions and the web also. An additional protection layer in its App that makes more sense after today’s update.

It unrolled ephemeral messages, photos, and videos that disappear after seven days late last year. And also unrolled its payments service in India, its biggest market by users.

Final Words:

The new feature additions come as WhatsApp is attempting to convince users. To comply with its planned changes to the privacy policy — which has received some heat on Twitter. Whether those concerns raised by a couple of individuals or persons on Twitter reach the larger population in the whole world remains to be seen!