Why AMD Ryzen Processors Got a Serious Boost In Sales?

AMD Ryzen Processors

It is apparent that Coronavirus crippled many industries and businesses, but still, the film and gaming industry got a serious boost in terms of expanding its user base. Hardware sales are currently on the increase as customers taking advantage of being confined receptionand that they tend to shop for a replacement PC or a laptop to kill their time with activities like gaming and learning something.

So it’s evident that it makes the sales go skyrocket, and hence the alternatives of users are pretty dynamic from time to time. We are stating this fact with reference to choosing hardware of a selected company, and AMD stood up to the occasion because it got a huge hike in terms of processor sales.

AMD Ryzen Sales

AMD recently published their annual earnings and asserted some facts that the enormous has witnessed major growth in its Ryzen series sales. The corporate collected a revenue of $1.37 Billion, which tends to be more 45% this year. CPU contributes a serious part of sales, which accounts for 15% of the entire revenue.

Ryzen Processors Got a Serious Boost In Sales

Why Ryzen Over Intel?

However, we already conversant in the very fact that Ryzen is taking up intel CPU’s, and therefore the company felt lagging behind within the competition. But what’s the most reason for such a sudden collapse? Intel provides CPU’s at a better rate with fewer no of cores, and thus, users prefer Ryzen over Intel as they eventually get a huge boost with Ryzen CPU’s. Ryzen offers more cores and threads at low prices as compared to intel, so it’s pretty obvious that users don’t want to pay more for such degraded hardware.

On average, Intel provides 6 Cores and 6 threads, whereas Ryzen provides six cores and 12 threads for better multitasking. So a user obviously opts for the higher deal, and thus Ryzen leads the race.

So Intel is itself digging its grave and still maintained the high prices, and thus the age of fooling customers is long gone now. Now AMD trend to bring its new generation which can kill the competition and intel might be in imminent danger and need to do something to beat this disaster.

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