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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Everyday Harmful Chemicals

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Everyday Harmful Chemicals

Harmful chemicals are all around us these days but you don’t have to fall victim to their dangerous effects. Take these easy steps and reduce their impact.

Did you know that there are potentially thousands of toxic chemicals in everyday household items?

You need to be careful to avoid coming into contact with such harmful chemicals. You never know when you’re going to fall victim to the dangerous effects of these substances.

Check out the below to discover the best steps to reduce the impact of these chemicals on you. Let’s get started!

1. Make Homemade Cleaning Products

You don’t need to spend a fortune expensive cleaning products with a wide range of toxic chemicals inside them.

You can simply create cleaning products yourself at home. This is not only better for your health and the environment. It’s also a way to save money in your budget.

Simple recipes with vinegar and baking soda can create a bunch of helpful cleaning solutions for everything from wiping your kitchen surfaces to scrubbing the toilet.

2. Always Use BPA-Free Products

BPA stands for bisphenol-A. Whenever you purchase products that contain plastic, you’re probably coming into contact with potentially harmful chemicals. BPA is also found in tinned foods as well.

You can avoid BPA products altogether if you stop using plastic. We already know how plastic is damaging the oceans and the natural environment.

But, BPA plastic is also bad for human health. That’s why you should stick to fresh fruit and vegetables whenever possible. Always buy your products in glass or card whenever you can.

3. Careful With Non-Stick Pans

If you use non-stick cookware when you’re preparing meals, you could be causing toxic chemicals to mix with your ingredients.

If you can use a stainless steel pan, this is usually much better than the non-stick frying pans that you may be used to.

By turning down the heat on your non-stick frying pan can also help to prevent the chemicals from being harmful to you.

4. Stop Using Air Fresheners

Do you use air fresheners whenever your home is getting smelly? This may give you a delightful scent, but it’s not so good for your health.

There are often chemicals used inside such air fresheners. That’s why opening the window or using a natural smell is much better. Consider buying some fresh flowers to improve the scent of your home.

5. Keep Chemical Products Outside

If you must use chemicals, make sure you remove them from your home. You don’t need to leave chemical products in your home.

You can also keep your home clean by removing your shoes when you enter and giving your home quick dust as regularly as possible. You may discover that you have multiple chemical sensitivity.

How to Avoid Harmful Chemicals?

Now you know our tips for avoiding harmful chemicals. This includes skipping BPA plastic containers and favoring natural fragrances.

Do you want to discover more about how to avoid harmful chemicals in the home? Check out our blog for everything you need to know!