What is the best time to post on Instagram in 2020

The photo was taken in the perfect spot and in the perfect light. You have an inspiring copy or explanation that will (definitely, definitely) attract the attention of everyone who reads it.

But there is something you still suspect of posting that photo to Instagram …

When do I post it? What are the best hours to share your Instagram post home and everyone to watch?

Stop the drama, mom!

I am here to help you achieve your dream of becoming a true master.

Keep reading because we will reveal to you the best time to post to Instagram. Ready?

Find out when it’s best to post to Instagram to get likes likes

Years ago, our grandparents asked about things like what is the meaning of life? What happens when we sleep? Will there be life on Mars? But today we have more important things to worry about (first world problems), like knowing the best times to post on Instagram.

In addition, since the last change to the Instagram algorithm in 2018, Instagram prioritizes in our feed to the newly published content for the accounts we interact with a lot, so we have to plan our posts at the moment of maximum network activity so everyone can see our cool posts.

But really, knowing the perfect moment on Instagram to post is a real headache for anyone who posts content repeatedly on the network and wants his posts to achieve high levels of likes and comments.

If you do a little research on networks, you will find many opinions about people who, in different words, have always been saying the same thing: The best time is when people have spare time to spend on their cell phones given what the accounts posted by those that follow.

For this reason, if we apply that general rule, we will have a schedule as follows (always speaking in general terms, each person is a scientist, and has their own schedules):

    Monday to Thursday: From 7 in the morning at 9 in the morning, when we wake up, we go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, go to work and try to resist the start of the working day.
    During the afternoon from 1 pm at 3 pm, when we eat or take a nap before returning to work (can anyone take a nap on weekdays? Raise your hand!). And in the evening, from 7 pm to 11 pm, gym, TV, dinner or dog, cat or parrot.
    Friday: It follows the same morning pattern, changes in the afternoon, as the working day may be shorter on that day, so the best time passes from five in the evening.
    At 21:00. Come on, it’s Friday and you have to go outside the inches of your smartphone!
    Saturday and Sunday: These are the best days, since people are generally freer and have more time to look at their phones, but they also tend to develop more entertainment plans that shouldn’t include using a smartphone (nature!).
    However, the best moments will be 11 AM. At 13:00. And from five in the evening at 21:00.

Also keep in mind that not all of your followers follow these schedules, there are free spirits that use their cell phones when they feel like it!

Don’t always follow the same routine when browsing social media? Your invested time there will depend on your spare time and the desire you spend looking at the screen of your smartphone.

You also have to keep in mind that not all of them are from the same city, country, or even the continent you are in, where you can have foreign followers in the middle of their working day while you are in the RE phase.

There are many factors to consider, but for sure, if you follow our advice, you will be the envy of those who hate you. # Excuse me

Another alternative that makes it easier for us to know the best day and time to post to Instagram is the app statistics themselves (you will not find them in the current web version, and you have this option you must have a company account or originator).

Thanks to Instagram statistics we can get interesting information such as the range of your posts, the times they shared your photos or videos or your profile visits you gained thanks to the material you post on the network.

But let’s go to what matters to us: Find out when our followers are online.

To see this information, we’ll go to our Statistics> Audience option, and among the city, gender, and age information, we’ll find the followers.

Here it will give you information by days, and during each day, you will determine in hours the number of followers connected to the network at that moment.

This information, if we review it frequently and analyze the best hours that we will post our content, can help us a lot to attract attention and those likes that we are very willing to give us.

With this note, we can create a calendar of posts on Instagram to achieve that the likes in our posts reach higher than Empire State of New York. Not only can this help us gain more likes, it can also generate more visualization in other content, such as stories: the more users browse Instagram, the more likely it is to post the material there.

Of course, this task should be updated frequently, we cannot stay with the analyzes we did 3 months ago. Humans are beings with changing habits and it is necessary to analyze all these changes to ensure that we are deploying when we can obtain the most visibility.

Use a tool like Metricool

Metricool is a super ideal tool for managing social networks, online advertising and the web from a single platform.

Among its many features, Metricool will allow you to access the calendar with the best time to publish. Depending on the social network you choose to watch, the watches will appear in pink (for Instagram) or in blue (for Facebook and Twitter).

If the color is darker within a certain time frame, the app will indicate that it is time to publish!

Metricool takes these best hours based on the moments when most of the interaction gets on your content. Thus, you will be able to outperform your competition by getting more views and more interaction.

It’s your turn, my friend, tell me, what is your technique to know the best time to post on Instagram? Or when do you post your content normally? What do your stats say?

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