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8 tools to find influencers in social networks

Before introducing the eight tools to find the social influencers we use the most, we should explain a little bit about what is moving and how it can help your brand.

We can define an influencer as “a person who has an effective influence on his interlocutor or audience, that is, who has a potential influence on that interlocutor or audience.” A person can become influential on social media, when he, by his actions, affects others.

Searching for influencers to increase our brand’s social impact is part of the social media marketing plan and we should consider it.

Since influencers may never buy our products or benefit from our services, they will help us multiply the impact, bringing our information to thousands and thousands of people.

This is the reason why we must try to know and influence influencers in our field – or our brand field – to achieve greater impact on our target audience. The closer you get to them, the better.

So today we give you 9 tools to search for influencers on Instagram, so you can find them and start a conversation with them, thus making them spread your content and become their ambassadors.

1. The liver

Heepsy is a tool we love so much. It was a recent discovery, and we wanted to add it to this list.

This tool focuses on locating Instagram influencers: Yes!

You can access this tool for free, and you can perform simple searches by keywords. However, if you work regularly with influencers and need more specifications, you have the option to sign up for a premium account.
The tool is very intuitive and provides information from over 2 million people who have an impact on Instagram.
Beautiful right?

2. HypeAuditor

One of the biggest challenges in influential marketing is finding an influential person with real followers who really fit in with your brand goal. If what you need is a super tool for finding influencers on Instagram or YouTube, HypeAuditor is perfect for you.

What do you offer? The ability to monitor and find potential influencers of your brand, regardless of providing many very complete analyzes so that you can have full control over what is happening in your account.

HypeAuditor has a free account, although we recommend the payment account at its right price and all the benefits it provides. Its influencers database contains more than 16 candidates to find the best creators for your brand. The app allows you to filter by location, age, gender, number of followers, and the level of sharing your posts, and a filter that allows you to check whether your account followers are real or not.

3. Followerwonk

It is a specific Twitter tool with which we can search for keywords in user resumes. They’ll show us the order of influence, so we can see which is most useful for our social media strategies.

Searches can be filtered by site, number of followers, number of tweets, etc. To delve deeper into each profile, you can learn in depth what followers of this “influencer” – go to the “Analyze” tab -: geographic location, hours of greatest activity, more frequent topics, social power …

In addition, this tool allows us to compare up to three Twitter accounts to know the number of followers they must match, the percentage of participation for each profile, the number of followers who get new followers every day, etc.

4. Buzzsumo

This tool is used to locate Twitter influencers in a specific sector, based on keywords or to measure the scope of influence of a specific person or brand. Buzzsumo allows you to filter searches by country or type – bloggers, journalists, private users, brands, etc.

The downside of Buzzumo is that it filters out on Twitter, not Instagram. However, if you find a specific effect that Instagram has, it will show us their profile so we can access it.

Buzzsumo tells us about page authority, domain authority, followers who owns the account, its retweet rate, and responses. You can also see the type of content, links shared by each effector, etc.

5. Claire

Klear is a very good tool for finding influencers on social networks. This tool categorizes influencers in 22 predefined categories: social media, entrepreneurship, marketing, SEO, digital, blogging, communication, and others. We can divide searches by country or independent community, and filter by popularity, domain, or relevance of each search user.

6. Influence

If you are looking for an “all-in-one” solution for managing impactful marketing strategies, I suggest Upfluence.

This tool does everything, from helping you find and choose the right influencers to managing your campaigns and monitoring results.

Upfluence has a large database of over a million influencers (also known as influencers). The app helps you identify the key influencers through advanced search, where you can use combinations of different keywords and filters, such as geolocation, social media metrics and languages.

7. Brandwarsh

Another very good tool for finding influencers on social networks is Brandwtch, which shows us influencers in a specific region on Twitter, Linekdin and Facebook, based on a rating from 1 to 100. This rating is based on the degree of three components: account authority, activity, and audience. Brandwarsh tracks our audience so we can know what content to share and identify the influencers on our profile.

8. The little bird

Little Bird is a tool that focuses on building valuable relationships with influencers and with those people who actively interact with other brands through Twitter.
In addition to performing an account analysis to determine the important influencers to contact them, Little Bird is also responsible for discovering trends in advance.

As it does? Through the detailed analysis that the tool does for influencers.