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Don’t Get Replaced: 10 Jobs Safe From Automation

10 Jobs Safe From Automation

As computers get smarter, they can do more of what we do, and that’s a scary thought for the future of work—so what jobs are safe from automation?

In the movie, Dark City, aliens that looked human but behaved more like robots performed experiments on people. Their goal? To understand the human psyche.

One experiment was to inject them with false memories and then observe how they behaved. They thought if they understood how the mind worked, they’d understand what made us human.

They were wrong.

Although they could inject humans with memories, they couldn’t control their feelings. But what do feelings have to do with career survival?

Soft skills. Empathy, compassion, building rapport, and creativity are abilities that computers could never have.

Keep reading to learn about which jobs are safe from automation precisely because of the unique traits that separate man from machine.

Jobs Safe From Automation

If you want job security long-term, look for a career that requires soft skills and emotional intelligence to do the job well. Here are some of them.


While computers can give advice, being listened to and understood is healing. Therapists are also adept at asking good questions that help the client find the answer, thereby empowering them in the process.

Spiritual Leaders

Spirituality is about the inner journey of developing awareness of self and compassion for others.

Spiritual leaders, whether they be yoga teachers, pastors, ministers, or shamen, help others on their inner journey. They also provide powerful tools for self-development, such as this guide.

Holistic Health Workers

Health coaches, functional medicine practitioners, and others who take a holistic approach realize that there’s more to helping people heal their physical body than treating their symptoms.

Empathy, problem-solving, and the ability to build rapport and trust are soft skills that enable people in these roles to be successful.

Team Leaders/Managers

To lead a team, you must understand each member individually. What are their special talents, skills, and learning styles?

Understanding what makes people tick enables leaders to inspire people to do their best and work well together to achieve a common goal.

Childcare Workers

The ability to respond to the physical and emotional needs of a child requires empathy and an understanding of early childhood development. Positive human interaction also plays a vital role in a child’s emotional development.


Although teachers use technology in the classroom, students need human interaction. Teachers and administrators provide leadership, encouragement, empathy, and compassion.

The positive environment educators create in the classroom has a significant impact on the students’ ability to learn.


You can program a computer to tell jokes, but what makes comedians so funny isn’t just the words they say. How they say them through their tone, strategic pauses, and facial expressions gives them the edge.

They also have to read the audience and adapt by changing their strategy if things aren’t going well.

Motivational Speakers

Like comedians, they need to be able to read the audience and adapt accordingly. Instead of making others laugh, their job is to inspire.

Many motivational speakers inspire others by the stories of their own suffering and how they overcame this suffering.


Creative jobs like writing and painting require creativity, an understanding of the human condition, and how to convey an aspect of this condition through their art.

Community Activists

Community organizers have a passion for their cause. They are empathetic, persuasive, and able to inspire people to work together to create a better world.

What Are Your Soft Skills?

Unlike hard skills, soft skills are harder to teach and can take years to develop. Consider taking this emotional intelligence assessment as a step on the journey. To find jobs safe from automation, understanding your soft skills is key.