How AI And ML Are Adding Value And Innovation To Video Marketing?

Innovation To Video Marketing

In the world of business, maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers is essential. Marketing is a tool that builds an ever-lasting relationship with your audience.

Now, there are several types of marketing and so many mediums of conveying your messages.  Like blogging, video, radio, emails, or newspapers. But we will be focussing on the best medium of marketing – Video Marketing.

The Reasons Why Videos Have A Massive Advantage Over Other Mediums Are –

  • Influence – As stated by Hubspot, a video has a conversion rate of 80%, which is far more than any other medium. This means if you are marketing through a video, 4 out of 5 are likely to check out your business. If your message is compelling enough.
  • Video with Email – Email marketing is a perfect medium, but the problem with emails is the majority of the receivers don’t even respond to the emails. But the whole game changes. Once if you have videos on your email as it encourages the audience and increases the click-through rate by 200-300%.
  • Search Engine – Search engines give importance to engaging content, and videos significantly enhance the engagement. Therefore, if you want to score high in the search engine, ensure to add a compelling video to your blog.
  • Credibility – Video is the best medium to connect with your audience and build trust, as it helps you devise a personality for your brand. More than 90% of the users have stated that product videos encourage them to make decisions. Videos are also a great medium to educate your viewers and allows you to build a relationship that eventually transformers into sales.
  • Social Media – In the age of social media, videos are the number one medium of sharing, as 92% of mobile users exchange videos. Videos also increase the chances of being shared on social media; hence it can give a massive boost to your brand’s popularity. It is also a proven fact that videos travel faster than any other source.

Now that you’re aware of the importance of video marketing, let’s move to how Video marketing has enhanced with the help of new-age technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I ) and Machine Learning (M.L.) has taken over the tech industry and continue to expand every day. Today, we can see the effects of these new-age technologies on every industry. Here, we will be focusing on the video marketing industry and how it has enhanced with AI and ML –

  • Automated Basics

Necessary tools of video editing include cutting clips, tools to add text to video, or some basic filters. But the story of ML in video editing was initiated by IBM ages ago, and since then, AI and ML have stepped into the industry of video editing.

In recent times, the use of AI has also increased, which was also visible in the clips released by Tech giants, Google. They incorporated AI to automatically shoot and record clips that the AI thinks will be captivating. AI works on the principle of continuous learning, and the same applies here too. It will eventually understand, learn, and enhance video shooting quality based on the users’ choices.

  • Higher Reach

AI ensures that you can target the maximum audience with your videos. It works on the algorithm, which allows it to find users who would be potential buyers or influencers. As explained earlier, how search engines are fond of videos, AI, and ML work hand in hand to ensure your content can capture the maximum audience.

  • Smart Editing Tools

AI and ML work in multiple ways to enhance video editing. One of them is by using the smart editing tools to innovate videos. AI and ML give the editors an upper hand with their ability to recognize the content and suggest the tools to edit accordingly.

This is why you will notice a lot of marketing companies are using algorithms to pursue video editing with laptops. As it allows them to levitate the content quality by editing videos more effectively.

Automated color balancing, cropping, and audio processing are a few smart tools that can amplify the quality of content significantly. Some AI-based video editing tools also help the editors select the right music based on the mood and context of the video. Using these tools while editing your video is smart, as they can assist you in doing your work and fasten your pace.

  • Computer Generated Imagery Or CGI

Remember the Marvel Universe or D.C.? Well, irrespective of whose fan you’re, CGI played a big part in giving you these extraordinary stories. CGI, along with A.I., has given us some of the best movies around the globe, which would be impossible to create overwise. AI allows the creators to depict their imaginations on screens by giving it the additional realistic touch.

  • Relevant Content

Facebook, the most popular social media, stated that users spend more than 100 million hours collectively watching videos on their feed every day. AI analytics will allow you to find relevant data and assist you in creating a video that will touch essential notes such as social relevance. This will improve your brand image as well as ensure maximum reach.

  • Enhanced Customization

In the world of the internet, data is the key to achieve success. AI studies the patterns of potential customers and gives the data to the editors, and this allows them to produce videos based on the users’ requirements and issues. This will allow the brand to establish a healthy relationship with the targeted audience.

  • Face Filters

Apps like Snapchat or Instagram, use AI along with CGI. Yes, remember the face filters? That is how they function. They are based on the working of ML and AI to give you a precise result.


These were just some of how ML and AI have changed the game of video editing. There is no doubt that it has upgraded the level and has taken the industry to new heights. More than 60% of the editors believe that AI and ML will play a massive part in the video marketing industry. It will be enthralling to see what transpires next in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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