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How is Google Ads Automation Shaping ? Brief Guide

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The world today relies completely on technology, and digitalization gave the entire industrial sector a new turn. It has changed the workforce of all the organizations along with digital marketing residing all across the world. And the indulgence of Google Ads automation in this digital gen convinces marketers to embrace the scopes gained from technology. From scripts to automated bidding strategies that manage your bidding, automation is working as your savior.

It removes the hectic manual tasks connected with regular optimization and account management. To enjoy all these facilities, you can follow these steps to use Google Ads automation shaping.

Steps to Google Ads Automation Shaping:

1. Smart Campaigns:

Google Smart Campaigns allows you to boost your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns regularly. That means there is no fear of strategies or campaigns getting stopped or interrupted. These AI-based campaigns provide huge benefits, like you can make more money from Google Ads.

One of them involves automatic maintenance that you can achieve only by 15 minutes of effort. As you set up the account, Google takes the entire charge of keyword selection, targeting, and bidding. Another thing that you got to do is mention three-lined about the service or product. And Google ad services will take the onus of copywriting, where you could invest your time somewhere more beneficial.

2. Automated Biddings:

This feature got designed to make you stress-free about manual bidding. Since AI helps you to eliminate any type of guesswork and improvise your campaign at the same time using logical bid adjustments, there are ranges of automated bidding strategies that you can choose to enjoy the advantages.

These strategies include target CPA, target ROAS, maximize clicks, ECPS (enhanced cost-per-click), Improving conversion rate, and target impression share. Each of the above-mentioned strategies designed to help marketers target a specific Ad goal.

3. Optimization of Score Metric:

This method helps you to track your Google Ads account performance. Beginning from straight as low as 0% to the maximized optimization results of 100%. This real-time metric gets determined by various factors. That includes your campaign and account status, statistics, settings, latest recommendations history, and trends building in your ads.

There are some specific core areas of your Ads campaign that get affected by optimization scores. These areas involve Ad copies, possible recommendations, Ad extensions, bids & budgets, keywords, and targeting.

4. Responsive Text Ads:

These are the largest and latest search formats in Google Ads. Along with that, they are also more flexible as they help you by providing up to 15 headlines, automated testing, and 4 * 90 character descriptions instead of 80 character descriptions.

Apart from that, it also assembles all the entries into multiple ad combinations. The AI, in this case, negates all sorts of redundancies. Over time this platform even tests all permutations. With data analysis and machine learning, Google determines the most effective and relevant combination for every query.

5. Ad Strength:

This helps to measure the quality, diversity, and relevance of your ad content. It is crucial to have engaging and unique contents that suit the needs of your target audience. While you create an ad or edit one, you evidence and Strength indicator that changes dynamically as you proceed with the assets.

They also provide you with recommendations that suggest ways of improving the Ad Strength. You can even take these feedbacks on board that can lead you to ways for enhancing Ad Strength. That eventually results in making better-quality, strong, and convincing ads.

6. Automated Ad Extensions:

Finally, Google Ads provides extensions that can prove to be amazingly influential in attracting conversions, clicks, and traffic. With the usage of AI, Google Ads gets capable of adding extensions automatically wherever it seems to fit. The platform can, however, might add an extension, which increases the opportunities of a click. Through this feature, you get to pay only for these extensions whenever you click on them.


As advertisement is becoming a huge part of everyone’s life and Google plans to make it a source for achieving better results. Someone who knows how to inculcate proper AI will undoubtedly earn better results and gain success.