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How To Create An Android App Without Coding

How To Create An Android App Without Coding

These days we have alternative approaches towards Android app development. One such approach is making an app without any code. Even recently, creating an app from scratch, especially without any coding, was a wild dream.

When small businesses were looking to build an app, they had to consider various things like large-scale logistics with many months of development hours, which added to the already costly app development process.

The no-coding-method of app development is becoming more and more feasible these days. In most cases, you need less to no coding knowledge to use this method, making it ideal for non-programmers, although valid for experienced programmers alike. It saves quite a bit of time and effort that goes into app development.

In this article, we will discuss how to create apps for android with no coding experience.

The use of App Builders

App builders are simple tools allowing you to make simple apps with the help of a few clicks. You fill in a form or a couple of forms, and you get an app. Most of the popular options have high flexibility allowing its user to make a diverse range of apps. From news apps, e-commerce apps to chat apps, you can make any app you want.

How To Create An Android App Without Coding

The cherry on top is the fact that you don’t have to write a single line of code while utilizing a tool such as an app builder.


Andromo is a subscription-based No-Code Android Application Development Platform. It is one of the most powerful and flexible app builders one can hope to get today. It is an android specific app-building platform which gives it more depth when you are trying to create an APK.

The interface is very intuitive, having drag and drop interactions.

It includes various templates to get you started, and the whole interface is user friendly.

Do note that you can sign up for the trial and give it a try without spending any money. See if you like it, and then you have the option to get a subscription monthly or annually.


This one might catch a lot of eyes around the industry. This is a free tool, worthy of being on the list. The platform is online, offering more than 70 different templates and a form-based interface that is easy to coordinate and customize. You will find templates for coloring apps, quiz apps, messengers, and several others.

React App Builder

This one is a premium service and ranks highly alongside Andromo in our recommendation list. Unlike andromo, however, this one allows you to make apps for both Android and IOS. It’s flexible, powerful, and easy to get into. It utilizes React Native Cross-platform framework, which allows its users to create IOS apps alongside Android apps.

The interface is intuitive and provides the user with 11 unique templates to help them with their journey. If you do not want to spend much time configuring, installing, and updating various tools on your computer, you can use the cloud-hosted service that Reacts app builder provides.

Turn Websites into Apps

If you have a website up and running or even a blog, you can convert it into an Android App without much of a hassle. It is commonly done through the use of WordPress API.


Available on CodeCanyon, WebViewGold uses a standard template to convert different blogs and websites into performance, native Android apps. When you make an app with this, you will have extra features like in-app purchases, deep links, push notifications, and other native dialogs.

You don’t need any professional help to do any of this as right out the box. They provide you with easy customizable screens and loading indicators.

WebViewGold also supports IOS, so you can make multiplatform apps to run natively on IOS and Android alike. The feel and look will be very similar on both platforms, which is a plus.

It thrives in allowing you to make an app within minutes. To turn your website or blog into an app, simply point the template to your website.

Also, you can point to a local folder on your computer with all the HTML files. It will build it with the latest Android Studio.

Flink App Builder

This one is fully integrated into WordPress, a powerful tool aiding you in converting a WordPress site into native Android apps with a few clicks.

Due to its full integration with WordPress, the apps you make with this will have the full capability of a smooth rendering of your pages, blog posts, images, comments, and so on. The changes you make to your blog will be updated in the app in real-time.

Android App builder

This is a tool that works similarly to WebViewGold, converting any website into an Android app. However, this one has additional features to offer for WordPress sites. It has six unique layouts for rendering WordPress contend with the added support for the parallax scroll effect.

If your website isn’t WordPress integrated, then ensure that it features a responsive layout for ideal outcomes. For sites like these, apps would, by default, have handy features like file upload support and loading indicators, downloads, and so on.

It is also important to mention that the Android app builder has several features for handling Youtube videos, Tumblr posts, and Flickr albums that you might want to embed on your website. There are six different layouts for content displaying Youtube playlists and channels.


You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in programming to make intuitive android apps in 2021. The no-code process is stress-free, time-efficient, and easy to accomplish. Depending on your circumstances and needs, you can choose specific app builders or website converters to achieve your desired outcome.



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