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How to Become a Better Cook: A Basic Guide

how to become a better cook

Are you trying to figure out how to become a better cook? Our helpful guide right here covers the important things to know.

Whether you’re still in quarantine or simply have extra time on your hands, you might be looking for a new hobby to excel at. You want it to be something fun and challenging that doesn’t break the bank.

Learning how to cook and prepare meals better is a beneficial skill for everyone to improve on. It’s especially helpful if you’re looking to keep your grocery list on a budget through meal planning.

Either way, cooking for yourself can make you more independent, creative, and adventurous. But how do you learn how to become a better cook?

Keep reading to learn the best tips and tricks to excel in the kitchen.

Get Your Mise en place

Mise en place (French pronunciation: ​[meez ɑ̃hn ˈplas]) is a culinary phrase that in French means “get everything in place” or “everything in its place”.

In other words, get all of the ingredients you will need and organize them before you start preparing whatever it is you plan to make.

Mise en place can be applied to home cooks as well as professional chefs and also pertains to equipment, tools, knives, towels, and aprons.

Herbs and Spices

If you want to get better at cooking, start with the right spices. It is one of the first things you should explore when learning to become an amazing cook.

Pairing and mixing spices and herbs in the right ways can quite literally change a meal. Flavor profiles are a wonderful part of cooking to play with and make mistakes when you’re learning.

Focus on Acid

Using acids in your meals adds another aspect that can make the meal unique and bold. It adds a brightness and vibrance that other flavors simply can’t compete with.

You can add acid through citrus like lemon and lime. You can also use vinegar as a great acid component.

Follow the Recipe

Especially while you’re still learning how to cook, it’s important to follow the details and measurements in the recipes you use.

You can assume that the chefs and writers that create these recipes have tested them out and found those steps to be the best process for making a great meal.

When you acquire more skills, you can start improvising to focus on your personal taste preferences. Maybe you try a different herb than the recipe recommends, or maybe you use a grill instead of a broiler.

If grilling is what brings you inspiration, a Barebones firepit grill can help you create the best meals of your life.

Taste as You Go

Don’t be afraid to check your work as you go. Taste, test, and adjust as you chop, spice, and stir.

Plus, it’s fun to be able to have a little snack sneak peek of the dish while all the components are coming together.

Know-How to Become a Better Cook

It takes practice, mistakes, and lots of taste tests to become the chef of your dreams. But if you stick to it, you’ll be meal prepping and impressing dates all the time.

The key on how to become a better cook might be simpler than you think, and the hardest part taking the risk on a recipe.

For more guidance and ideas for your cooking dreams, visit our page to learn all the best secrets.