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How to Conquer Your Emotions and Stay Motivated at College

One of the most rewarding and exciting things about going to college is finally earning your degree. It will set you up on the right path to achieving all the goals that you have always dreamed of. However, staying motivated at college, and completing the journey is not easy.

Life in college can be challenging, but your success here will depend on your ability to remain motivated and persevere in times of frustration. Here are some valuable tips to help you stay motivated in college to achieve your goals.

Stay Motivated at College

Create a to-do list

The life of a college student is always busy, and you can find it difficult to remain motivated when faced with a huge workload. It is a daunting task when you are faced with an assignment with a short submission time, reading for your exams, or preparing for an upcoming exam.

Creating a to-do list and checking off one task after the other can help you get a sense of accomplishment.

Surround yourself with supportive individuals

Having a group of supportive individuals around you can be very beneficial to your mental health. There are days that you will feel overwhelmed with life in college, and you will need someone to talk to and vent your anger.

Some of the people who can offer you support while in college include your new college friends, professors, and family members. Even the professional writers online are very supportive when you need assignments done. You just need to know that it’s ok if somebody writes your essay. EduBirdie is trusted by many other students worldwide, so be positive about it.

Take a break

You will always find that you lose motivation when working until you complete a task. It is not the best strategy to keep you motivated when in college. You should always take a break for yourself and do something that you enjoy to remain motivated.

Breaks will re-energize you and refresh your mind for upcoming tasks. You can always go for a walk, take a nap, watch a movie, go for a drive, and do many more things during your break.

Eliminate distractions

Student motivation is greatly affected by the type of environment they live in. It is quite difficult for students to remain motivated and relaxed when they live in an uncomfortable space. Many things will keep distracting the student like noisy neighborhoods and electronic devices.

To stay focused, you should eliminate these distractions and find a relaxing and comfortable space. You should also turn off your electronic devices so that you would not have the urge to keep on checking them.

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Make a dream board

A dream board is a physical collage of what you would want to accomplish in your life. While it always feels nice being told what you are capable of, physically seeing the things that you can achieve has a greater impact. To create a dream board, find a poster board, and start covering it with the things you are working towards.

You can hang the poster board on your wall or in a place that you will always see it. The magazine clippings, articles, inspirational words, pictures, and drawings can motivate you when you feel less inspired.

Exercise and have some fun

Incorporating regular exercise into your schedule can help you in reducing feelings of emotional and mental exhaustion. Working out regularly can help you maintain healthy stress levels and keep you motivated at college.

You can also help to relax your mind by taking part in some fun activities such as sports or going out. This will help prevent the risk of burning out due to a packed schedule.

Remember the big picture

Going to college is one of the greatest experiences in life that you will ever have. Being in college gives you the platform to do great things for yourself and achieving your goals. Always remind yourself of the small and big goals you have set to achieve your degree. It will help you remain motivated and keep you from a potential burn out.


Life in college can be very overwhelming at times. It is always difficult for students to remain focused and motivated when faced with constant workload and academic pressure. You should consider the above tips if you find yourself struggling with motivation in college. These tips and tricks will help keep you motivated through college to finally get your degree. Try and apply these throughout your college life.



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