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How to Design the Ideal Student Workspace

Having a comfortable workplace is the key to maximizing your productivity and making sure you feel comfortable while working on your urgent tasks. Considering that millions of students these days have to study from home. It is especially important for you to create a nice workspace that boosts up your productivity and encourages you to be more efficient in doing your homework. Of course, you don’t have to be a professional designer to design that perfect workspace for yourself.

All you need is to follow some general advice and let your imagination guide you. Try to be creative, think about the possibilities, and try to make this place truly yours. This place needs to become an environment where you’d be encouraged to work hard, study, and focus on your tasks. That is exactly why you need to pay attention to your needs. Follow the general recommendations, and just let your creative mind fly. So, here are our tips on how to design the most awesome student workspace.

Choose the Workspace with Good Lighting

Choose the Place with Good Lighting

Did you ever notice how energized you feel in the places filled with light? How easier it is for you to focus, and how much faster you think when the light of day shines upon you? You might have also noticed the entirely opposite effect of the dark, murky places where you’d feel sleepy and tired. That is exactly why you need to select a well-lit area in your house. This will help you feel good while studying and it will increase your productivity drastically. Even such small details as the presence or absence of light can make a huge difference.

Locate and Eliminate Distractors

Locate and Eliminate Distractors

When designing learning spaces, you need to fashion them in such a manner. As to eliminate all the distractors, redundant noises, visual distractions, and all the tiny little things that might set your mind astray while studying. If you study from home, it is best to avoid studying in a dining room or a living room.

The educational portal PapersOwl conducted a survey among students and found that for 75 percent of students it is very important to equip their workplace. “There always are people in such places – some of your family members might be walking around the house in a large group distracting you from your work” – says Peter Miles, a student from Boston University. This is not a good thing for achieving your academic goals. Which is why it is better to study in some secluded area where you will be free of any distractors. Also, you’ve got to stay clear from your TV, phone, gaming console, and whatever it is that you have at home that might distract you.

You Seat Has to be Perfect

When talking about your desk, it does not need to be anything fancy. It has to be the right size and the right height flat surface you can place your laptop and your books on. Of course, it also has to be sturdy enough, but overall, your desk is a fairly simple part of your overall design. Your seat, however, needs to be much more than just a chair. The chair is the most important thing here since a bad chair can cause serious problems with your back health. Which is something you’d want to avoid at all costs. Your chair needs to be of the right height, it needs to support your back in the right position, and it has to be made of quality materials so it does not irritate your skin after long hours of sitting. The best idea here is to consult with the specialists who can help you choose the right chair.

You Seat Has to be Perfect

Have Some Space to Move Around

You can just sit there for hours and hours without moving around. Hopefully, you have enough space in your place or outside where you can move around a bit, exercise, and just breathe freely. You need to take breaks every now and then, and if you just sit there for a long time. Your brakes need to be as active as possible. Try to leave your workspace once every hour, stretch a bit, go do something else for a couple of minutes, and get back to learning. This will help you stay focused and will surely have a positive effect on your physical health.

Surround Yourself with Art

What inspires you the most? For the majority of people, art is the main source of inspiration. It is one shared feature almost all of us possess – art inspires people, it makes them want to achieve more, it makes them strive for excellence. If you are like that, having some piece of art in front of you is a great way to emphasize your creative potential and improve your productivity. It does not have to be some painting, it might be music too. Some people enjoy working on their favorite music, that way, they can feel like they are on top of the world and are ready to take on any challenge. If you ever felt that way while listening to your favorite band, you might try to do it while studying. Depending on what types of art make you feel good. You may want to surround yourself with those to boost your productivity up.

Surround Yourself with Art

Keep Your Workspace Clean

The difference between your place and the school is that you need to clean it up yourself. Like in all the other types of workplaces, you need to take care of your desk and make sure it stays clean and well-organized at all times. Creating a cozy and inspiring work environment is your main task here, so you need to invest some time and effort in keeping it tidy. Nobody wants to work in a trashy place, which is why people always try to keep their desks clean. The workforce relies on organization and structure to function properly, so you need to keep your place organized and structured.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

Wrap Up

If you want to increase your productivity and boost up your motivation, there exists a variety of ways to do so, and managing your workspace is one of the most effective ones. Before you start designing your own workstation, proper research is due. You need to find out how different aspects of your workspace can impact your productivity. The workspace management is a crucial part of increasing your overall productivity, so you should totally invest in it.



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