MDM Meaning in Basic Layman’s Terms

MDM Meaning in Basic Layman's Terms master data management

Having control of your data can take a business to the next level in its marketplace. That starts with understanding what goes into your master data and finding a solution that addresses issues related to that plethora of information. Data quality and standards are key for a company to be able to stand out in the pack and make business decisions that benefit both the customer and the internal structure of the organization. Let’s learn a little bit more about master data.

What is master data management?

Master data management (MDM) is a business-led program that ensures an organization’s shared data, also known as master data, is consistent and accurate. Most businesses today may not understand the MDM’s meaning, operating a number of different systems across their structure that contain all sorts of important corporate data. This leads to data silos and incomplete data, leading to a disjointed view of the organization. Master data management takes all of this important information and funnels it into a pipeline that allows for quick answers to business problems.

Master data management addresses three different categories of use cases: analytics, operations, and governance. Analytics situations, usually in a business intelligence environment, allow companies to aggregate transactional data from each financial account tied to outlets across their supply chain or in their corporate structure. Operational cases use master data to understand the transactions amongst entities from acquisitions to sales. Data governance, through MDM strategies, allows for better security and standards within operations to keep businesses from running into legal hurdles.

What is an MDM system capable of?

A master data repository with flexible data modeling features provides a central view of all of the relationships within your organization, along with various data items. This provides businesses with clearer paths through cross-domain relationships. A multi-style MDM platform supports the main styles of master data management. Centrally authored data push information through downstream applications while source systems feed data into the MDM for consolidation to make sure there’s a standard upheld in the MDM program. The coexistence of this data across multiple systems as well as a solidified registry is also crucial in MDM.

The top MDM solutions allow users to publish and subscribe to data on demand, providing accurate master data throughout an organizational hierarchy. With real-time data, users can better react and make faster decisions based on those insights. This allows users to identify and fix data-quality issues. The capability can also help users collaborate to constantly make improvements and monitor processes. With a customizable, business-friendly user interface, companies can have better control of their data domain, making sure the process is cleaner and simpler.

What are the benefits of MDM?

There is a lot of benefit to having a master data management system, particularly when it comes to revenue growth. MDM can provide a consolidated source of key master data that helps increase revenue by appropriately responding to customers on the channel of choice. With an MDM system, companies can also eliminate IT overhead and expenses, driving operational efficiencies by providing a reliable source of data across the organization. MDM also helps to improve a company’s visibility and control over its business activities across products, vendors, and customers.

Master data management also allows organizations to optimize their supply chains, improving customer service and forecasting based on availability. Companies identify necessary changes through the insights that their analytics from MDM affords them. This can allow for quick decision-making regarding business processes, improving data compliance and customer satisfaction through the accurate system of record. By intertwining MDM procedures, businesses of any size can put themselves a cut above the rest of the competition.

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