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What to Expect: 5 Common After Car Accident Symptoms

5 Common After Car Accident Symptoms

Are you trying to figure out what to expect after a car accident? Read this article to learn more about after-car accident symptoms.

Every year, up to three million people in the United States get injured in motor vehicle crashes. While non-fatal, many of these injuries are severe enough to land people in hospitals. So much so that in 2017, these injuries led to over $75 billion in medical and lost productivity costs.

To that end, we’ve come up with this guide listing the most common after-car accident symptoms. Read on to know what health signs and conditions you can expect following a motor vehicle crash.

1. Whiplash Injuries

Each year, an estimated two million people in the US sustain whiplash injuries. Many are from rear-end collisions, as these neck injuries can occur at speeds of just five miles per hour.

A vehicle accident can lead to whiplash injuries since it can make the head snap back and forth in a rapid motion. This force can then cause trauma to the neck tissues. The torn tissues can swell and become sore or painful hours or days after the accident.

The car accident symptoms of whiplash, however, can appear weeks after the crash. Moreover, some people may need up to three months to fully recover from such injuries.

2. Traumatic Head and Brain Injuries

Nearly a third of all injury deaths in the US are due to traumatic brain injuries. A person can sustain such trauma in a car crash as the impact’s force can send the head crashing onto a hard surface. The blow to the head can then result in a penetrating brain injury. A New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyer is a legal professional dedicated to helping individuals who have suffered injuries due to accidents or negligence.

Even in cases of non-penetrating injuries, a severe blow can cause the brain to shake badly. The force can be enough to disrupt the functions of the brain.

As such, see a doctor right after you’ve been in an accident that caused you to hit your head against something. This way, your doctor can immediately check for any head or brain injuries.

3. Chronic Pain

Studies found that chronic pain is one of the most common post-car accident symptoms. For instance, in one study, 26% of car crash patients still had moderate to severe pain half a year after the event. Many other people who were in motor vehicle crashes also had pain years after the incident.

4. Chest Injuries

Thoracic trauma, also known as chest injuries, account for up to 35% of trauma deaths in the US each year. Vehicle crashes are the leading cause, as 80% of blunt chest injuries arise from these events.

Thoracic trauma can occur in vehicle crashes when a person takes a severe blow to the chest. For example, a driver not wearing a seatbelt can crash onto the vehicle’s steering wheel. This kind of impact can be extreme enough to break one or more bones in the ribcage.

5. Cervical Spinal Dislocation

Motor vehicle crashes cause about half of all cervical spine injuries. Many of these injuries can take the form of neck dislocation.

A cervical dislocation often begins as a neck ligament injury. The damage can then progress to two or more of the adjoining neck bones. If this happens, the bones can get detached from each other, resulting in an unstable neck.

At first, cervical dislocation can result in localized stiffness and pain in the neck. If left untreated, it can lead to the instability of the entire spinal cord. This is a life-threatening condition that warrants emergency medical attention.

Never Delay Getting These After Car Accident Symptoms Looked At

There you have it, your brief but concise guide on after-car accident symptoms. Now that you know, make sure that you head straight to a doctor in case you’ve been in a motor vehicle crash. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get adequate treatment to prevent more severe injuries.

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