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6 Tips for Successful Long Term Car Storage

6 Tips for Successful Long Term Car Storage

There are several reasons to store a car long term, but how can you do it? This guide shows 6 tips for successful long term car storage.

Are you wondering how to store a car long-term? Whether you are storing your car to protect it from the winter weather or you are protecting your costly investment, storing a car is more involved than you might think.

Proper long term car storage is more than just taking your car to a location and leaving it there. If you want your car to be fully functional and in good condition when you return, you need to take several steps to prepare it for storage.

Fortunately, storing your car the right way doesn’t have to be a complicated task. By following a few best practices you can make sure your car is well taken care of.

If you need to store a car but aren’t sure how here are several tips to get you started.

1. Choose the Best Location

The first step for storing a car is choosing a location and type of shelter. There are a variety of places you can store a car, each with pros and cons. One of the best options is a durable metal shed, for its affordability and effectiveness.

2. Clean Your Car

Before storing a car long term, make sure to clean the interior and exterior. Storing a dirty car can lead to rust, pest infestations, and other headaches you’ll want to avoid. For this reason, you should clean and wax your car before storing it.

3. Disconnect the Battery

While your car is not being used, it’s important to disconnect the battery. A connected battery can leak acid and result in corrosion inside of your car. This simple step can keep your car in good condition while it’s being stored.

4. Fill up Your Tank

Part of preparing a car for storage is filling up the gas tank. While this may seem counterproductive, an empty gas tank will start to rust. Make sure the tank is full before you put your car in storage.

5. Put the Car on Jacks

Did you know, leaving your car sitting on the tires can wear them down and cause flat spots? For this reason, it’s best to put your car on jacks if you won’t be using it. Putting the car on jacks will save you money on new tires when you are ready to use your car.

6. Plug the Tailpipe

When storing vehicles long term, it’s important to plug the tailpipe. Any opening in your car is an invitation for pests, and your tailpipe is no different. Use a rag or aluminum foil to plug your tailpipe.

Use These Tips for Successful Long Term Car Storage

By using these tips for long term car storage, you can make sure your car is properly protected.

Start by choosing the best location and shelter to store your car. You should also clean your car, disconnect the battery, and fill up the gas tank before storing it. Make sure to put your car on jacks, plug the tailpipe, and cover it before you leave.

Follow these tips and your car will be well-protected while you are storing it.

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