Latest iPhone 12 Exclusive Reveals Stunning Apple Design Decisions

Latest iPhone 12 Exclusive Reveals

Apple’s iPhone 12 range is officially delayed, but it’s the company’s controversial design decisions which are the important point, and now new leaks have revealed what might just be the most important of all.

Working together, popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) and prolific leaker Max Weinbach, have revealed that Apple has decided to differentiate the iPhone 12 Pro Max from other iPhone 12 models which means you’ll need to go big (and expensive) for the simplest features in 2020.

“The 6.7-inch mammoth iPhone [12 Pro Max] will truly be considered a flagship this year,” states Koroy. “It will have the simplest display and best cameras… The [iPhone] 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max really were equivalent devices, the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are going to be more differentiated.”

Koroy doesn’t break down these differences, but recent leaks have speculated that the iPhone 12 Pro Max could also be the sole new iPhone to sport Apple’s exciting new LiDAR camera. Apple’s decision to downgrade the batteries within the new iPhones also will impact the iPhone 12 Pro Max model least, which can also mean it’s the sole model to urge a 120Hz ProMotion display, despite fears all models will miss out.

But the large problem isn’t everyone wants a 6.7-inch smartphone, and Koroy explains that the range’s edgy new design is merely likely to strengthen those feelings:

“Max Weinbach’s source, who has had hands-on time with the 6.7[-inch iPhone] 12 Pro Max model, is saying that it’s quite uncomfortable [to hold]. The larger the dimensions get, the more it digs into your palm, and, counting on the dimensions of your hands, it’s going to be a drag. Cases could alleviate this, but it definitely may be a very slick and sharp piece of hardware.”

iPhone 12 pro max

The other uncomfortable aspect of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is its price. Leaks earlier this month revealed increases for each new model, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max now starting at $1,199.

Is this price hike deserved? Yes, and no. The first driver behind it’s the inclusion of an upscale 5G mmWave modem that has also seen rivals push prices sky-high. That said, Apple is additionally cutting costs with the iPhone 12 line-up. apart from the downgraded batteries and their knock-on impact for 120Hz displays, Apple also will remove both the wall charger and EarPods from the box. This has clear environmental benefits but might not sit well with customers in conjunction with the worth increase.

All of which suggests the iPhone 12 range is probably going to be one of Apple’s most polarizing iPhone releases so far. My tip: the most cost-effective model looks the simplest.

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