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Solar Buildings: The Benefit of Solar Panel Infrastructure

Solar Buildings: The Benefit of Solar Panel Infrastructure

According to the SEIA, there’s already enough solar power installed in the USA to power 18.6 million solar buildings.

Are you considering joining this trend? If so, you’ll know that solar panel installation’s a costly affair, and you might wonder what’s in it for you.

Check out these benefits of solar-powered infrastructure for you and your surroundings.

Solar Buildings Have Environmental Benefits

Energy from the sun is clean energy. Solar panels don’t generate any harmful emissions or pollution when they create energy.

Solar energy’s also renewable, so there’s no concern about it ever running out. The planet’s gas, oil, and coal reserves are finite, and nobody knows what will happen when they run out.

A solar-powered building helps contribute to preserving the Earth’s resources and reducing the carbon emissions responsible for global warming.

You Save Money With a Solar Panel Building

Since the sun shines its energy down on us freely and abundantly, once you’ve paid for your solar panel infrastructure, electricity’s free. You’ll never pay another power bill again, and you needn’t worry about any annual tariff increases either.

You can also benefit from federal and state incentives when you install solar. Currently, the federal government grants you 26% off your annual income tax return when you install a solar-powered system.

If you opt for a grid-tied installation, you can still use electricity provided by a power company when needed. That means they’ll send you a bill for your usage every month.

However, you’ll also feed any excess solar power you generate back into their system. They’ll grant you an equivalent credit on your bill.

They might also give you an extra incentive for going this route. According to Blue Raven Solar, some power companies will provide up to 18 months of free electricity when you install this kind of solar power system.

Solar Panel Installation Affects Your Home’s Value

If you decide to sell your home, and you’ve already paid for your solar installation, you can enjoy a big increase in the asking price of your property.

Research shows that your home’s resale value could increase by around $5,000 per kilowatt. That means you might see an $18,000 increase even if you have a small 3.1 kW system.

Prospective buyers understand the benefits of going solar and realize they’ll save a ton of money down the line. So, solar panels on your roof boost your curb appeal and can help sell your house faster.

If you haven’t finished paying for your solar panels, or if you’re leasing them, things get a little trickier. For starters, you’ll need to deduct the outstanding amount of your installation from your sale price.

Some solar leasing companies won’t allow you to transfer your lease to someone else. The new homeowner might also not want to enter into a lease agreement, or they’ll expect a reduction in your sale price to make up for it.

Future Innovations in Energy Production

Solar technology’s becoming more advanced and cheaper all the time. So, there’s a good chance that wind and solar buildings might become the norm in years to come.

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