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12 Best Music Video Makers

Best Music Video Makers

Without a video or movie maker, the music industry cannot succeed. The truth is that these software programs allow musicians to create leading-edge videos. The video maker and the paid ones are used free of charge.

These automated applications handle the most complex tasks that will take for years. These programs perform fantastic success from PIP to audio and from effects to the overall video management.

These applications are also a cheap way to make music. Even the cost-saving factor is at play. These cumulative effects make music makers must-have for everybody.

Various recent professional and inexperienced musicians are searching for a great collection of music video maker applications for making their video music. However, a higher proportion of people expect a free music video maker.

We review and classify the top 12 most useful free music video makers out there as a solution for those talented and amateur artists who are searching for some handy free music video making software.


Editshare LLC Lightworks provides the broadest possible format support for professional NLE, AVI, MXF, and QuickTime containers. Can broadcast both drop and non-drop frame timecode formats in Wave mode. It is constructed for Intel, AMD, and motherboards service. The strength of the computer graphical card/chipset allows Lightworks to improve video processing. Help for 2,000 real-time impact workflows.

iLife 2013

iLife is planned to meet all users’ multimedia needs. Includes GarageBand, which can make music or podcasts for users. iMovie helps users to make awesome HD videos as well as trailers like Hollywood.


It is one of the best-recognized software for Movie Making. It offers free built-in templates to create videos for your web pages, websites, video blogs, companies, advertisements, Twitter, broadcasts, and more that are immersive and high definition.

As the Moviemaker, VideoCreek doesn’t need to install any applications because, whenever you want, you can view and make videos. This software is an impressive development, with all the features. Hop over here.

Ubuntu Studio

A user can choose the packages it wants to install-audio, video, graphics, and photo and publishing-in the installer. It operates in every desktop environment with its menu layout. It has a live DVD, installation with an interface, automatic installation with a low-latency kernel.

Videofx Music Video Maker

Videofx Music Video Maker is rich with the necessary functionality to plan and share your music video. Audio import and converters for.aac,.ogg,.wav and.m4a audio tracks have been implemented with the Program. It has a total of more than 50 effects: films, monsters, cartoons, neon, movies, stroboscopes, and many more.


The Blender will use its Sound Sequence Editor to create maestro music videos. Users may add WAV files as a file or as encoded in the movie from their hard disk. Voice recording can be rendered directly to Blender, and the file pitch and pace can change. Users can also use their 3D creative function to create new characters from the existing video file.

ACID Xpress

The ACID Xpress Movie Maker 10-track for filming, editing, and mixing songs can arrange various events. The Punch-in recording function lets you directly insert the voice through live audio recording. A track is available for video score also. Encode MP3 Files that are Limitless. Enjoy the option to support an alternative time signature.

Virtual DJ

You will analyze the beats per minute and also perform harmonic effects keys identification with this free software. It has a clip bank for video clips, recording, and saving music in real-time on your computer. Effective session webcasting; virtual mixing computer beat grid.   It can’t link to your electric guitar or keyboard music appliances.


In real-time, Wax uses the computer video card graphical acceleration to create superb effects. With top-down composite as well as multi-composite modes, limitless video and audio tracks can be used. You can make excellent 3D objects, illumination, shadows, text generators with extraordinarily large 3D equipment. Installed on your PC, audio in compressed formats can be used via AVI and WAV. Due to the large variety of plugins, it can also become slow in a low configuration PC.

Avid Free DV

The MovieMaker interface fully represents the experienced Avid system and has impressive non-linear video editing functionality. The audio and the video can record, edited, filmed, stored, and generated as required.

It is so well designed and organized that much of the expertise rival apps have no hope of competing when released. Avid Free DV was so successful that Avid Technology wanted to stop this service because it feared it would compete with Avid Pro.

Although Avid Technology officially discontinued this Program, many of its followers worldwide already recognize and use Avid Free DV.

You have to check this if you are an artist looking for easy to use apps with all the simple features required to create a music video.

Zwein Stein

Do you want a Program that can serially accommodate an immense load? Let us bring Zwein Stein to you. A beautifully crafted freeware includes some new features not seen elsewhere, like this non-linear video compositing and editing system.

Up to 256 videos, audio files, still picture clips, each with no more than 64 serial-chained effects, can be edited. Also, it has an easy-to-use interface you enjoy. It builds things the way you want them to be. Auto keyframes can be conveniently useful for cutting, panning, and personalized effects.

Perhaps the only inconvenience of this Program is that it operates slowly while other applications run and not supports external media playback systems.


Filmora has impressive visual effects, making it a great video maker for music. For starters, Screen Pump Effect bumps the screen into the music track beats. The Flicker Impact inserts small clips that flicker the screen to the music.

Up to 100 audio and video layers are available with its users by Filmora9. The stabilization functionality relieves video clips’ stiffness and prevents distortions like fisheye automatically using the lens fixing function.


If you make your music videos, it takes time, commitment, and imagination to do so. However, these opportunities are valuable. VideoCreek will bring unbelievable results if correctly incorporated with your marketing strategy. Most significantly, it will make the audience more visible and enlarge.