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How To Make Videos With Pictures And Music?

There are several occasions where you can share your happiness with your loved ones—birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, to name a few. Often, you might be looking forward to exchanging your warmest regards with your closed ones. Pictures and music are good ideas, but nothing gets better than videos. They add a personal touch to the cause. To think, videos are a culmination of both pictures and music.

This article is going to help you with some of the methods.

1. The setting up of a video studio

The setting up of a video studio is one of the primary steps that you need to undertake to establish a good video. For that, there are several video makers available that will help you out with the cause. Renderforest, Animoto, Kizoa, Keeping, and Flyer are some of the widely used video makers for establishing a video studio.

These video editors come with a lot of advantages. You can resize your image canvases after setting up the studio. There are options of customized settings where you can choose the landscape mode or the portrait mode as per your convenience. Now to make things more transparent, these video makers can set up the size for all types of patterns.

2. Adding pictures

The next step you need to follow is to use a picture video maker to add up images to the videos. It is imperative, and it is a complicated step. There is an option of dragging and dropping photos as per your choice and then editing them. These photos might be stored anywhere on your computer, either the desktop of the drive or any other folder. There is a ‘drag and drop’ option in the video makers. You need to click on that and drag your desired images, thereby dropping it into the location.

3. Editing of pictures

The next step is the editing of pictures. After dragging and dropping the images in the video maker, you need to start with the editing. There are a lot of animation options, and you can choose as per your liking. You just need to select every image, select the animation effect under slideshow maker, and click on “apply”. There is an option of “edit duration” in the menu.

On deciding that, you might direct the video to be faster or slower. You can do another thing. If you find a particular effect that is suitable to all the pictures, you go and click on “select” and then “Apply to all”.

4. The usage of “Ken Burn” effect

You can go ahead and use the “Ken Burn” effect in your videos. The best feature regarding this effect is that it brings the zooming option to the videos. Many modern-day business organizations and entrepreneurs or even regular users are using this effect to bring the zooming fact. All it does is it adds a very vital aspect to the videos. Video makers like iMovie or Final Cut Pro are the best options for the usage of this effect.

5. Addition of music

The next step you must incorporate is the addition of music. To start with, you have to select a video song and add it to the video studio using the “Audio” tool in the menu. Now, the video song can be a popular YouTube track or any random YouTube track that you like. All you need to do is select the URL link of that video from YouTube directly and then copy and paste it in the video maker. Or you can simply download the audio file.

Additionally, you can think of adding a voice recording to the video that you are creating. Or you might be inclined towards selecting audio files from an MP3 player in your device, which may be a laptop of a desktop. The procedure is similar. Just copy and paste the file link directly to the desired location.

Next, you can adjust the volume of the music. If you think it is too loud, there is an option of regulating the volume. I would suggest that you keep the volume moderately high, although not extremely high. There should be a parity that is maintained. Or it might just be that you prefer only parts of the selected video to be displayed in the video content that you are creating.

Besides, there is an option of trimming down the video as per your liking, so that only the selected portions are displayed.

6. Free music options

Here, it would help if you started being smart. There are a variety of music tracks that you can use to make your video better and better. But what can be more lucrative than free music tracks? Most of the video makers do not have this feature. But there are some rare video makers coming up with this option, Splice being an example. It comes up with some soothing tracks full of positive vibes that are available for free.

7. The final step: sharing on the public forum

Once you are done with following all these steps, you need to click on “Done.” The very next thing you will be displayed is the preview of your video. Once you are convinced that it is fine, you have to click on “Save”.

Now, you will be provided with a variety of options. You can share the video directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or you can do one better, by downloading the MP4 file directly and share it on platforms like YouTube. If you think you want to make any last moment changes, there is an option “Edit” to do the same. You can also use the Video Creek platform to make the above video creation process simple.

In this way, you can even help your organization for their promotional purposes.



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