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It’s Time to Make a Fantastic Video Presentation!

Make a Fantastic Video Presentation

It’s the internet age and more people are turning their interests from reading books to watching videos. Literally, for every single task such as studying, learning, entertainment, and presentation, people tend to seek videos as their method to complete the job. It’s easier to watch and memorize what we see in a video with moving characters and special sound effects than what we read in a book. Videos are interactive and take less effort. Currently, 60% of global internet traffic comes from video streaming and download. Which is expected to increase to 82% by the year 2022. Ultimately having a good grip on making outstanding video presentations is essential these days.

There are two types of video presentations in-person and online; most people have stage fear and are afraid of public speaking. This is where video presentation helps people to present themselves better and in a professional way.

So here we are sharing some tips on how you can make yourself stand out among others with your natural video content. You will first need a video or slideshow maker because a good range makes a good video. This useful tool can help you make interesting video content. Go through the article to know how to make a fantastic video presentation.

Structure your video’s storyline

The most important thing you want to make sure that your video has is a well-defined beginning, a middle, and an end part. Having some kind of chronology or a flow of events in your video is going to keep people very engaged, excited, and motivated to listen to you and hear what you have to say. Not doing this in your video is going to make it very hard for people to follow along. Understand what you are trying to get at. Make sure your pitch deck is put into place. So it makes sense, it’s chronological, it gives people a step by step process to go from not knowing anything about your topic of the video to be an expert at the end.

Have a goal perception

First choose what you want to make the video about, do a fair amount of research on it. Then make your audience be validated about your topic why it is essential and why they should be caring about it. Have some realistic tips on how they could do it for themselves and be inspired. A great way to influence this is to use statistics to reinforce your goal or your perception that you want your audience to have. So by the end of the video, you make sure you present statistics. That will illustrate what you are trying to say.

Keep It Simple Silly

Your video should aid the audience to visualize what you are trying to get across. The more simple you can keep your presentation deck, the better it is. Avoid all the flashy animation or significant texts and keep it straight. Quickly show your facts, graph, statistics, visuals, etc. Present your message quickly to the point and tailor it precisely to who your audience is. More is always better doesn’t apply everywhere. Putting too much of your skills into editing could mess up things. Just put enough effort into editing and more on the content strategy.

Insert Humor

No one likes to hear super dry conversations, so make it fun and exciting for people to watch. Insert humor every once in a while whether it is a joke, funny sound, punches literally. Whatever it takes to lighten up the mood a little bit. Make sure people are smiling and shaking their heads up and down regularly. This shows that they are engaged and enjoying the presentation with keen interest. Humor helps the presenter to understand how attentive the audience is.

Encourage questions

Make sure to encourage questions as much as you can, this not only helps you to understand the present knowledge of the audience on the topic you are presenting but also allows you to know if they are paying attention and are interested or not. Turn some points into questions like “how well are you aware?” “Have you ever visited?” “What do you think about it?” etc.

So now, since you know how to structure your video and present it well with facts and stats, you need an excellent tool to make the video. Most of you might think of software for making the video, but most of them are paid or hard to use. Worry not we got the solution.

Choose the right video maker

Choosing the right video-making platform can be the game-changer. Reputed video-making tools offer free video intros and video tools online for your website, blog, business, vlog, Youtube channel, broadcast, and more. Get rid of the hassle of downloading and installing software files on your computer. Use an excellent online video creator anytime and become a pro in video making with a wide range of video templates that you get free. The device can help you excel in the art of video making.


After going through all the tips, one could quickly get a clear idea of how to make a video presentation that attracts and impresses your boss and people around. One last tip is to keep in mind to be yourself – present what and how you are and don’t imitate others. It’s pretty evident if we look at someone good at video-presentation we naturally get fascinated by their way and try to copy their method.

But the truth is no one is perfect, and everyone expert in any respective field was once a beginner. It’s not impossible to become an expert. All you need is determination and patience. Slow and steadily grow your skills, develop your style, grasp knowledge about video making as much as you can, and be an expert. Check all the available information, do good research, and bingo! You are good to go.