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Instagram tests product tagging

Instagram has taken another step towards e-commerce. This time, he focused on shopping tags, which are currently being tested. Here’s what they will consist of.

Shopping tags

For some time now Instagram is claiming to be an e-commerce friendly platform. He has already taken several steps to this end and tested the appropriate functions. Now it’s time for shopping tags. Several accounts have been invited for testing, and today we can see relevant tags for some. They look as follows. Matt Navarra was the first to notice this change, who posted the following post on his Twitter account.

The specialist also reported that after touching the tag, Instagram redirects us to the product page, with the option to make a purchase.

Similar to Pinterest

It is impossible not to notice that Instagram likes to get inspiration from Pinterest. This function is also proof of this. However, introducing it on one of the most-visited media has great potential.

Primarily this is good news for companies starting their adventure with influencers. From now on, anyone watching your pet’s profile advertising a given product or service will be able to be tempted by just clicking on the tag.

Nowadays tests are conducted on a selected number of user accounts in the USA. It is not known if the function will pass this test successfully and Instagram will decide to enter it permanently. However, due to the desire to open to e-commerce – everything indicates that soon we will see tags with the ability to make purchases also under the profiles of watched accounts around the world.