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Paper Shredder Safety Tips for Any Kind of Shredder

Paper Shredder Safety Tips for Any Kind of Shredder

Paper shredders are crucial to maintaining the safety and security of your business’s information. Every office should have a paper shredder for this reason. Whether your office uses a desk-side shredder, an industrial shredder, or anything in between, it is essential to practice the proper safety tips. Keep reading to make sure you know the paper shredder safety tips for any kind of shredder.

Preventing Shredder Injuries

The first step to preventing shredder-related injuries is to ensure that everyone in your office who utilizes the shredder knows how to use it properly. Shredders are not difficult to operate, but everyone should have a basic understanding of the safety tips that come with them. This could be as simple as a short training course or leaving safety instructions on the wall above the shredding station. Also, remember to clearly mark or leave a notice when the shredder is out of order or damaged so that employees don’t attempt to use it in this state.

Operating Safety Tips

Speaking of how to operate your paper shredder, here are a few tips to help you and your office stay safe and avoid injuries. Use caution and pay attention to the shredder while it is in use. Keep your hands and fingers away from the blades and paper slot. Use extra caution if you have long hair or loose clothing to make sure it doesn’t mistakenly end up in the paper slot.

Paper shredders can also pose fire hazards. Always keep your shredder at least four inches away from walls and furniture to ensure it has enough ventilation. You should also avoid forcing the paper into the shredder or feeding too much paper into it at one time, as these actions could cause it to overheat. Always give your shredder’s motor ample time to cool after overheating—wait at least 15 minutes before resuming shredding.

Maintenance Safety Tips

To maintain your paper shredder and keep it running smoothly and safely, always practice proper maintenance and upkeep on it. Inspect your paper shredder regularly to ensure that its blades, and connection cable have not sustained damage. When inspecting your shredder and its blades, always unplug the device first before dismantling it. If you discover damage to the blades or other internal parts of your shredder, make sure to schedule repairs with a professional. There are many reasons you shouldn’t try to fix a commercial shredder yourself, including the potential for injuries and other hazards. Scheduling a repair visit with a professional is the best course of action. Make sure to note that your shredder is out of order in the meantime.

Paper shredders are key tools in any office or business, but they come with their fair share of hazards. Remember these paper shredder safety tips for any kind of shredder to promote safe shredder use in your office.